Top Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Jess KContributor IIIDecember 14, 2010

Looking for a simple, straightforward guide when it comes to deep sea fishing?

Look no further than this easy-to-follow list of some of the best tips that you can remember and immediately apply to your very next deep sea fishing expedition:

  • Birds: If you happen to see a swarm of sea birds in a particular area, chances are these birds are feeding on smaller baitfish; where there are baitfish, there are usually larger, predatory fish beneath them. You can also bet that you will find large fish in areas that have floating debris such as wood.
  • Snook: When fishing for snook, it is actually much like fishing for bass as these fish will usually be found near rocks, ledges and other structures within the water.
  • Full Moon: If you are fishing at the time there is a full moon in force, always try to use imitation soft crab for your bait. Since the full moon is typically when a crab will shed his shell, stripers will be eagerly awaiting the full moon.
  • Tuna: If you are looking to catch some tuna, it is not uncommon to find them within schools of dolphin; wherever you see dolphin, tuna will be there as well.
  • Spiderwire: If you are ever in a situation where your spiderwire braid is rather difficult to cut, burn through it using a lighter. Always have a lighter amongst your other fishing gear.
  • Reef: Since larger fish will usually prey on the smaller fish that linger in reefs, this is good vicinity to be on the lookout for some great deep sea fishing opportunities.
  • Sea Legs: If you find once you are on the fishing vessel that your sea legs aren’t what they used to be, focus your gaze on the horizon in order to avoid becoming motion sick. Also, steer clear of the fumes given off by the boat engine, as this can aggravate your symptoms.
  • Go to where the fish are: Many anglers seem to believe that they should be first collecting their live bait from the reef before they head out to fish for the bigger fish; however, if you are not able to find any live bait where you intend to fish, what are the chances that any larger fish will be there? Remember, wherever there is a food source, there will be larger predators just around the corner.