Fantasy Football Expert's Guide: Top 5 Pickups That Could Save Your Playoffs

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2010

Fantasy Football Expert's Guide: Top 5 Pickups That Could Save Your Playoffs

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    Welcome back to the Fantasy Football Experts Guide. This week I'm here to talk about the playoffs, which is the best time of the year in fantasy sports. That is, if you're winning...

    Here are the top five pickups that could save you in the playoffs. As usual, everyone listed will be under 80% owned in all fantasy football leagues.

No.5—Vincent Jackson, WR, SD, 65.8 Percent Owned

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    VJax is backStephen Dunn/Getty Images

    I've waited all year for this guy to come back I swear! Really though, I drafted him in round 13 in my keeper league this year and I have waited patiently for him to come back from his suspension and now he finally has.

    Technically, he came back three weeks ago, but he got hurt immediately after his return. Now he is back again, and healthy!

    Jackson is a top 5-10 wide receiver when he's healthy and has been for the last few years. If he is available in your league and you have a spot to take a chance, get him!

    He may not produce more then the average wide receiver, but there is a chance he produces like a top 10 guy and with Phillip Rivers playing as well as he ever has, that chance may happen.

No.4—Brian Westbrook, RB, SF, 51.9 Percent Owned

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    Another guy similar to Vincent Jackson in the sense that you might have to just say "@$ It" and take a risk.

    Westbrook was the staple of the Eagles offense for many years and in his past few games, Wild Westy has shown us all a glimpse from the past.

    In his last three games since taking over for the injured Frank Gore, Westbrook has played great in two of them rushing for 136 yards in one game.

    His final three games are against terrible run defense which include: San Diego, St. Louis, and Arizona. If you have a spot and you're willing to take a risk, Westbrook could come up big.

No.3—Jonathon Stewart, RB, CAR, 73.7 Percent Owned

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    Jonathan Stewart has had a very interesting year. He started out rushing for less than 50 yards nine weeks in a row and then injured himself. After sitting on the bench for a few games, he came back and has performed outstandingly.

    The reason Stewart is only number three on my list is because:

    A) He is playing average or above-average run defenses the rest of the way.

    B) The emergence of Mike Goodson may take away some of his carries and fantasy value.

    Altogether, he has for 90 and above yards his last three games and I do not expect him to slow down much. He could prove as a useful flex down the stretch.

No.2—Ryan Torain, RB, WSH, 42.8 Percent Owned

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    So far, the picks on my list seem to have a lot in common with each other. Just like JStew, Torain has had a very interesting year.\

    After not even getting a rush in his first game, Torain started out slow at first, but then became a very useful fantasy player for a while. He then missed then next consecutive four games with an injury. Now, he comes back against the Bucs who have a very decent defense this year, and ran for a career high 172 yards.

    Even I dropped him after he got hurt, but he could prove to be very valuable down the stretch so grab him if you can.

No.1—John Kitna, QB, DAL, 18.4 Percent Owned

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    Okay, if you know me at all, you know I hate the Cowboys, so this hurts me to write.

    If you have a quarterback that has a tough schedule ahead or you have been using quarterback by committee, then you should take a look at John Kitna.

    I never would have thought he would do anything this year, but he's proved me wrong. In his last five games, Kitna has thrown for nine touchdowns, four interceptions, and has reached the 300 yard mark twice.

    With his upcoming games against the Redskins and the Cardinals, Kitna could be that guy who helps you to a championship.

    **Good luck everybody on the road to championship, if you're still there**

Authors Note

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    **Author's Note**

    I would just like to say I will be doing the Winter College Internship for this company so you will be hearing a lot more from me on this subject, and others.

    I welcome all comments on my work and appreciate all the re-tweets, likes, and fans.