Chris Smelley Lives up to His Name in Nashville

David KuykendallCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

Well as Week Two starts off with SC and Vanderbilt for those of you who haven't heard Vanderbilt has upset 24th-ranked SC.

While I did pick SC to win this week it wasn't by much I thought Vanderbilt would lose by a TD or in OT, but they did one better; they won it with smart playcalling and tough defense!

All year I've heard how playmakers will change games and while that is true we see in this case that chemistry and good play calling are key in underdog situations.

Now I'll tell why the University of South Carolina is SC instead of USC. The first reason is it would embarrass the USC of California, and second, they can never find a stable QB like Matt Leinart or Carson Palmer, they have to find a QB who cracks under pressure and not only has the name Smelley but lives up to it.

Chris Smelley could not take the pressure Vanderbilt put on him in the fourth quarter; it seemed a first down through the air would have been the work of God.

No one really knows Chris Smelley, he seemed to be a decent QB when he played at NC State but it seems The Ole Ball Coach will have to keep looking for a starting qb.

While Chris Smelley did blow it; he was without SC's No. 1 receiver and with little game experience can you really blame him? In the end, Vanderbilt played a great game and really showed us what they are capable of.

Sure, there were glimpses of it last year when they beat SC the first time and hung in with Tennessee but now it seems like they have a chance to break a 25-year bowl drought. I know I will be following Vanderbilt a little closer this year to see how they turn out; it will be interesting to see how many games they can win before losing.