Mountain West Football Bowl Predictions: Three Wins, a Close Loss and a Blowout

Ryan TeeplesCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2010

Mountain West Football Bowl Predictions: Three Wins, a Close Loss and a Blowout

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    The Mountain West put five teams in bowl games this year, and two of the match-ups are actually interesting. The other three? Meh.

    But regardless of the less-than-scintillating game slate, we still should--nay must!--make predictions on the outcomes. 

    Looking up and down the lineup, there appears to be a few wins, a loss or two and one blowout. 

    Keep clicking to see how the MWC as we've come to know it will fare, before it blows up into irrelevance next year and the following. 

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BYU Versus UTEP in The New Mexico Bowl

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    Although these two teams both boast (insert laughter here) a 6-6 record, these are two teams headed in different directions. 

    The Miners dropped five of their last six games this season, and four of the losses were to mediocre teams. 

    BYU on the other hand won five of its last six, and while the Cougars beat up on four bad teams, they also beat San Diego State and outplayed Utah before bad play calls, phantom fumbles and bad kick blocking took the game from them. 

    UTEP has given up over 500 yards in its past two games and routinely allows opposing offenses big yardage games. 

    Conversely, BYUs defense has been locking teams down, currently ranking 32nd in the country in points allowed. 

    Expect UTEP's weaknesses to play into BYUs strenghts. 

    Prediction: BYU 45, UTEP 17

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19th Ranked Utah Versus 10th Ranked Boise State In The Las Vegas Bowl

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    This game may match up two teams ranked in the top 20, but there's a pretty big gap in that nine team span. 

    Boise State had a stellar season tainted by one rough night in Reno. And yes, any night in Reno is rough, though not because of football. 

    Utah climbed as high as number 5 in the national rankings, just behind Boise State, before TCU exposed them as a team bolstered by a cupcake schedule. A loss to Notre Dame followed, and the Utes snuck by a pretty mediocre BYU team on a blocked kick. 

    A quick look at the Broncos' history shows they play in top form against top teams in bowl games. Although Utah has a reputation for doing the same, their skill level and precision of execution will be similar to that we saw when TCU traveled to Salt Lake City.  

    Prediction: Boise State 45, Utah 17

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Navy Versus San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl

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    This bowl may feature one of the most underrated teams in America in San Diego State. The Aztecs' four losses this season are at Missouri by 3, at BYU by 3, at TCU by 5 and Utah by 4. 

    Although the Aztecs have struggled to win on the road, it doesn't matter, because this is a home game. 

    Navy, meanwhile has been good, but has lost to bad teams and snuck out wins all season. 

    Prediction: San Diego State 33, Navy 21

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Air Force Versus Georgia Tech in The Independence Bowl

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    Could this be the lowest scoring bowl game in history? With two teams running option offenses, this game could finish 9-6. 

    The Ramblin' Wreck has lost three of their last four, but against very good teams. 

    Air Force lost a few close games this year, but has returned to the solid form we've come to expect over the years. 

    Expect this to be a close game decided by turnovers and time-of-posession. 

    Prediction: Air Force 14, Georgia Tech 17.

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TCU Versus Wisconsin in The Rose Bowl

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    This should be a doozy. The Badgers have been piling up points like a midwest snow storm this year, while TCU boasts one of the best defenses in the country. 

    Honestly, I have no idea how this game will go, so I won't try to pretend I have a clue. I'll simply guess. And since I despise the Little-11...

    Prediction: TCU 35, Wisconsin 28

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