Hottest Female Athletes to Look For in 2011

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2010

Hottest Female Athletes to Look For in 2011

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    In sports, there are time limits.  Games come to an end when the clock hits zero.

    This year is no different—now that we're in the final stretch of 2010, it's always fun to think about all the beautiful athletes that have come our way this year.

    But what's even more exciting is looking forward to a fresh new year with a slideshow full of hotties to look at and become excited about seeing in 2011.

    Here are the hottest athletes to look for in 2011.  Enjoy!

Honorbale Mention: Simone Laudehr (German Soccer Team)

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    We can expect this pretty face to play for Team Germany in 2011. 

    The beautiful Laudehr was also a part of the German team that won a bronze medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Honorable Mention: Maya Moore (Basketball)

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    UConn basketball is having their most successful run in history.  And Moore has been a big part of that. 

    Don’t be surprised if this ESPY Female College Athlete of the Year helps carry the team to another national championship this season.

Honorable Mention: Susanna Kallur (Hurdling)

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    She’s cute, looks great in spandex and has mad hurdling skills.

    How can it get better?  Well, she also has a twin. 

Honorable Mention: Jenny Kallur (Hurdling)

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    Like Susanna, she also competes for Sweden as a hurdler.   

    How can we tell the difference?  Well, Jenny has dark hair, while Susanna goes with a lighter color.

    But they're both cute.

25. Rachel Unitt: English Soccer Team

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    Not only does she have a cool sounding name, she’s also a cutie and a soccer star in Britain. 

    Maybe it will be time soon enough to make her a popular global name as a member of the national team.

24. Lotta Schelin: Swedish Soccer Team

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    This beautiful striker for the Sweden national team has been an invaluable member of the squad since joining in 2004.

    There’s no question she’ll be a big part of their World Cup run this coming year.

23. Arantxa Rus: Tennis

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    Ah yes, I’m a big fan of Rus because of this photo. 

    But on a serious note, this has to be the year this 20-year-old southpaw finally breaks into the world Top 100. 

22. Victoria Azarenka: Tennis

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    She’s got long legs and is also quite the tennis player. 

    Although she has yet to win a Grand Slam tournament in her career, at 21 years old and currently ranked as the No. 10 tennis player in the world, 2011 may be the year for Azarenka to become a star.

21. Kerry Vera: MMA

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    Although she’s a knockout herself, Vera can also lay down serious blows to her opponents with her Muay Thai skills.

    Vera didn’t fight at all this year but look out, she’s going to be coming after someone in 2011.   

20. Jessica Landstrom: Soccer

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    Don’t let the sexy look fool you, she’s no model.  Landstrom is a forward for the Swedish national team.  And we’ll be seeing more of her soon.

19. Vera Zvonareva: Tennis

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    Who’s the No. 2 tennis player in the world?  You’re staring at her.

    She’s hot and she’s talented.  There’s nowhere to go but up when it comes to her career.

    It’s only a matter of time before more people know who she is. 

18. Miesha Tate: MMA

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    According to Tate is the No. 11 ranked pound-for-pound female fighter.

    This year, she’s expected to crack the Top 10.  So keep an eye out for this 24-year-old.

17. Sabine Lisicki: Tennis

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    This German beauty has had an off year in 2010 because of injuries but don’t let that make you think she’s just a pretty face. 

    The talent is definitely there, and we’ll probably see her at full strength in 2011. 

16. Hope Solo: USA Soccer

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    Here’s the thing about Hope—she won’t let you score on her.

    So don’t even try. This beautiful goaltender will be the women’s soccer team’s last line of defense in the upcoming Women’s World Cup. 

15. Carling Coffing: Golf

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    The Big Break doesn’t get enough credit for giving us super-hot athletes to root for.  Carling is the product of that awesome golfing reality show. 

    For our sake, we hope she ultimately makes it big in the LPGA so we can stare at more of her pictures. 

14. Kyra Gracie: MMA

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    Meet Kyra, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. 

    Word is she’s training to make her MMA debut in 2011 so she can start beating down other hot women in the ring.  Nice. 

13. Allyson Felix: Track

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    This cutie who grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California is an underrated beauty. 

    For someone that is expected to win more medals at the World Championships next year, she doesn’t get enough attention.  Hopefully, that will end soon. 

12. Christina Vukicevic: Hurdles

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    To start the 2010 season, this 23-year-old set a Norwegian record in the 60m hurdles—7.94 seconds.

    Impressive.  She’ll probably do even better this year. 

11. Snezana Peric: Karate

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    When you stare at this picture, make sure you don’t come too close.

    Why? Because she can karate chop you.  You are looking at a Serbian karate champion.

    She may not be a big global star yet, but 2011 may be the year someone takes notice.

10. Sara Galimberti: Track

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    They call her the Allison Stokke of Italy.  Because she’s super hot, a beauty queen and a track star. 

    But there’s something Stokke can do much better—handle a pole.   

9. Caroline Wozniacki: Tennis

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    At 20 years old, this Danish beauty is already the world’s No. 1-ranked tennis player. 

    What is there left for her to do, then?  Well, it’s about time for a sexy photoshoot to take her over the top.  Hopefully, it comes this new year.

8. Kristine Engelset: Middle Distance Runner

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    This Scandinavian is a smoking hot rising star and with that sexy puma tattoo on her shoulder, who can resist her?

    She's too sexy to ignore.  It's about time she broke out as a top middle distance runner or model. 

    Whatever career bursts out first. 

7. Anouk Hoogendijk: Dutch Women's Soccer

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    With a name that hard to pronounce, this Dutch beauty would be a tough one for play-by-play callers doing the women’s World Cup next year. 

    They can just start calling her “The Hot Blonde Midfielder.”

6. Blair O'Neal: Golf

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    She’s a reality television star who won Big Break: Prince Edward Island, a golfer and model all wrapped up into one.

    People love triple threats.  So don’t be surprised if she becomes even more famous next year.

5. Allison Stokke: Pole Vaulting

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    It’s worth mentioning that this Cal pole vaulter was also on last year’s list of potential breakout stars in 2010.  But we’re still waiting for the beautiful Miss Stokke to bust out with some kind of sexy photoshoot or big interview. 

    That’s why we’re giving her another year.  Stokke is expected to graduate from Berkeley this spring.  Then what’s next?  Perhaps she can become the official spokeswoman for Bleacher Report.

4. Beatriz Recari: Golf

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    This Spanish beauty supposedly turned down a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photoshoot because of bad timing this year. 

    I guess she was just too busy playing on the LPGA Tour.

    Hopefully, something like that doesn’t happen again next year, and we can see more sexy pictures of her floating around on the Internet.

3. Michelle Waterson: MMA

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    There’s a reason why they call her The Karate Hottie.

    No need to explain here.  Just observe. 

    At 5'3" and 110 lbs, she may look petite.  But don't be fooled.  She can beat you up.

    This MMA star knows karate, muay thai, jiu-jitsu and has an 8-3 record in the ring.

2. Alex Morgan: USA Soccer

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    Only a junior at Cal, Morgan may not be as popular as some of the other hotties on the USA soccer team.  But that will probably change in 2011. She’s definitely hot enough to have supermodel potential, and she’s also clutch on the soccer field.

    As the youngest player on the U.S. Team, she scored the game-winning goal against Italy to help get the team into the World Cup. 

1. Laisa Andrioli: Brazilian Soccer Team

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    She loves kicking soccer balls, but she also doesn’t mind posing in the buff. 

    With a blend of hotness and talent, Laisa is surely going to be a big name in this upcoming year’s FIFA World Cup in Germany.