Defense (Still) Wins Championships - Giants 16, Redskins 7

Tom SchecterCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

9/5/08. Now, to be fair, the 2008 Washington Redskins are not going to go down as one of the more dangerous offenses in the history of the league, but when you look up at the clock and your opponent has logged 121 yards of offense in 54 minutes of play, you've gotta think it's going good. One could speculate that if not for the inexcusable Wilkinson/Pierce roughing penalty, which got the 'Skins offense (almost) going late in the fourth quarter, Big Blue's D would have held Washington to just about that total. Great game plan by Spags, great execution. And count on Coach Coughlin to make sure Gerris Wilkinson NEVER repeats that mistake.

The final margin was nine points, but this game was a lot less close than the score; between the three drives in the first half that stalled out and ended in field goals by the ever-youthful-looking John Carney (do we have the oldest kicker/punter tandem in the NFL?) and the fluke Rock Cartwright return to set up Washington's only points, this game could have easily ended up a blowout. Credit Washington's D for making the proper adjustments to keep their team in it throughout the second half, even with their top two corners missing the entire time.

The 2007 Giants won a Super Bowl by playing close, ugly games. They minimized their mistakes (two turnovers in four games), played active, physical defense, and trusted their key guys to make plays when plays were needed. Anyone who doesn't think the Giants have a better-than-average chance at repeating needs to study the several available replays of Clinton Portis getting put on his butt behind the line of scrimmage by Kiwanuka, Cofield, Alford et al, and think twice before counting this team out.

Undefeated since January 1, 2008!