You Can Bet on It...Week 1 Picks Against the Spread

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 5, 2008

There are plenty of those who bet on NFL games.  I may not be one of them, but there are going to be plenty of weekly editions of who is going to win the games.

However, how are you supposed to bet on a team if you are only getting the raw winners?  Besides, there are plenty of easy games to call, for instance, the Colts have the Bears beat easy this week.

Picking against the spread is much more difficult because you already have a certain amount of points given to the losing team.

So without further ado, here are all Week 1 games that you can bet on.  If I'm wrong, well, it's not my money.

P.S. Sorry for missing the Giants-Redskins game, Thursday night games will not be used in this series.

Cincinnati at Baltimore- Cincinnati by 2: Bet on the Ravens

I know that the Ravens aren't a sexy pick, but lets be honest here, the Bengals aren't exactly a prized pig either.  There is the Ocho Cinco drama and they are going with a running back who has never started a full season.  Also, their defense is horrible.

NY Jets at Miami - Jets by 3: Bet on the Jets

I really can't see how this is only a three-point spread, the Jets are far and away a better team than the Dolphins.  Not much else needs to be said here.

Kansas City at New England - New England by 16: Bet on New England

A 16-point spread is a hefty margin to live up to, but I could easily see a 30-10 victory here.  Tom Brady to Randy Moss is much better than Brodie Croyle to Dwayne Bowe.

Jacksonville at Tennessee - Jacksonville by 3: Bet on Jacksonville

The Jags are, in my opinion, a Super Bowl contender.  The Titans are a team that is likely to not do better than 9-7.  I think Jacksonville wins by a toucdown.

Houston at Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh by 6.5: Bet on Pittsburgh

The Texans are going to be a good, 8-8 team.  The only problem is, Pittsburgh is a better 11-5 team and should win by a touchdown.

Detroit at Atlanta - Detroit by 3: Bet on Detroit

This may be the only time this year that Detroit has an outright win. I don't have their schedule memorized and they should at least steal one from the Bears, but I can't see them losing to the Falcons.  They are just too bad.

Seattle at Buffalo - Buffalo by 1: Bet on Buffalo

The Bills are definitely on an upswing, and the AFC East is a really strong division.  Expect Marshawn Lynch to get even stronger this season and Lee Evans to have a Pro Bowl caliber year.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans - New Orleans by 3: Bet on New Orleans

The Saints are the sexy pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, with the additions of Jonathan Vilma and Jeremy Shockey along with a healthy running game, the Saints should be good.  Tampa Bay will be good to, but I say New Orleans by five.

St. Louis at Philadelphia - Philadelphia by 8: Bet on Philly

The Rams are a long, long way from their "Greatest Show on Turf" days.  Now, defenses can zone in on Stephen Jackson while both Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce both gone or ancient.  Philly should grab one here as they make their way back to the top of the NFC.

Dallas at Cleveland - Dallas by 5.5: Bet on Cleveland

The Browns are a really, really good team.  I actually think that they could squeeze out a win in Dallas this weekend, and they should definitely keep it within five.

Carolina at San Diego - San Diego by 9: Bet on Carolina

The Chargers are a good team.  LT-Rivers-Chambers-Gates make the offense go big time, but with Merriman problems on defense, Carolina could make this a game.  I don't expect an upset, but I could see this one being won by a touchdown or less.

Arizona at San Fransisco - Arizona by 2.5: Bet on Arizona

I actually like this Cardinals team for some reason.  I don't "playoffs" like them, but I "7-9ish" like them, which is a lot more than I can say about the 49ers.  The Cardinals should win this one easily, even by double digits.

Chicago at Indianapolis - Indianapolis by 9.5: Bet on Indianapolis

The Colts are basically a slightly worse team than the one that beat the Bears in the Super Bowl.  The Bears are a shell of their former selves.  Expect an easy win for the Colts.

Minnesota at Green Bay - Green Bay by 2.5: Bet on Minnesota

This entire game goes on which quarterback you think is going to succeed better.  I think that Aaron Rodgers is better, but I think that Minnesota has a better team overall, and Adrian Peterson should look to silence inconsistency critics.

Denver at Oakland - Denver by 3: Bet on Oakland

The Raiders should win this game outright, and should be favored in this one.  The Broncos aren't as good of a team, but if JaMarcuss Russell is a bust, then this could get ugly for the Raiders.

I'm Joe W.

Joe also writes for, a basketball fan's site.


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