Metrodome Collapse and 10 Other NFL Stadium Disasters

Mike BurkeCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2010

Metrodome Collapse and 10 Other NFL Stadium Disasters

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    If you haven't heard about it already, the Giants and Vikings were forced to move their matchup away from the Metrodome after the roof collapsed.

    A large storm that ran through the area caused a large accumulation of snow on the roof, causing it to sink and finally burst.  Luckily, no one was in the stadium at the time so there weren't any injuries.

    Crews began to work on the stadium immediately, but they could not nurse it back to health in time for the Vikings to host their game with the Giants.

    This is not the first disaster to occur in an NFL stadium, so today we take a look at various disasters that have occurred in NFL stadiums.

The Collapse Of The Metrodome

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    As I've already mentioned, the collapse of the Metrodome is the most recent disaster to take place in an NFL stadium.

    FOX left their cameras running in the stadium overnight, so we were able to see video from inside the stadium (above) as the collapse took place.

    You can notice in the video that there are many small holes that open up and begin to dump snow on the field.  However, the accumulation of snow got much too heavy and began to cause the entire roof to collapse.  As it did, the biggest hole was ripped and a large pile of snow was dumped on the field.

    The disaster forced the Giants and Vikings to move their original Sunday matchup at the Metrodome to a Monday night matchup at Ford Field in Detroit.

Railing Collapses at Army-Navy Game

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    The Army-Navy game is a tradition that started in 1890.  It has been played in many venues, but Philadelphia has hosted the event more than any other city.

    In 1998, the game was played at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.  As Army took a 31-30 lead, a group of Army students leaned up against a railing in one of the end zones.  The pressure was too much and the railing collapsed. Ten people were injured.

    Luckily for those that were injured, Army would hold on and win the game.

Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility Collapses

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    Although it wasn't in a game venue, the Cowboys had a dramatic collapse to their practice facility in 2009.  Much like the way the way the Metrodome collapsed, the indoor facility was brought down by severe thunderstorm winds.

    Twelve people were hospitalized from the event, and two of those 12 were in serious condition.  The most serious injury occurred to Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis.  He suffered a broken vertebrae in his back.

Ravens Refuse To Play On New Surface at Veterans Stadium

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    If you ask anyone who had to play on the Astro Turf at Veterans Stadium, they will tell you that they hated it.  The surface was often compared to playing on concrete and resulted in a lot of injuries.

    In 2001, the surfaced was replaced with a new NexTurf surface.  It was a much softer surface then the previous one and it was believed that it would cut down on injuries.

    The Eagles were to host the Ravens in the first ever game on the surface, but Ravens head coach Brian Billick had other plans.

    The surface was not installed properly and there were visible seams in several places.  There were places that players noted that they sunk into the field.  These places were in locations where the bases were placed for Phillies games.

    In the end, the game was canceled.

Superdome Houses Hurricane Katrina Victims

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    In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans.  A city typically known to be fun and upbeat became devastated by natural disaster.

    The Superdome, home of the Saints, quickly became a retreat for those who had lost their homes.  Although people originally believed the stadium to be a savior, things soon took a turn for the worse.

    The stadium soon became overcrowded. Without air conditioning, the heat began to create a foul odor in the stadium and there was a lack of food, water, blankets and sheets.

    Once in the stadium, its inhabitants were told that they could not leave.  Water climbed up the walls outside the stadium and people were told they had to remain there for their own safety.

Man Dies After Fall at Soldier Field

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    During the Eagles-Bears game this season, a 23-year-old fell to his death at Soldier Field.

    The fall came around 4:55 p.m., roughly 40 minutes after the start of the game.  The victim fell and landed on a small rooftop on the west side of the stadium near Lake Shore Drive.  It was estimated as a 50-foot drop.

    There were witnesses who reported that they saw the man run to the ledge and jump.  However, police reported that the death was an accident.

    The victim was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital at 5:24 p.m

Fan Appreciation Day Goes Wrong in the Edward Jones Dome

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    During fan appreciation day at the Edward Jones Dome, two Rams fans fell from the stands to the ground roughly 10-15 feet below them.

    As Rams players walked off the field, many items were thrown to players in the stands.  A thin banner covers a cutout area where the players enter the locker room.  As two fans climbed over a stadium railing, their weight was not supported and the banner gave way.

    One of the fans was forced to leave the stadium on a gurney.  In the end, neither fan was seriously injured.

Firefighter Falls 35 Feet at Qwest Field

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    In 2008, a 34-year-old firefighter from Portland fell 35 feet in a stairwell after an Eagles and Seahawks game.

    It was undetermined how the man fell but sources said that he hit multiple things on the way down.  Friends said the firefighters regularly attended Seahawks games.

    When taken to the hospital, the man was in serious condition.  The following day, he was kept in the hospital and upgraded to stable condition.

Lights Out For The New York Giants

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    In a game with the Cowboys this season, there was a power outage at the Giants New Meadowlands Stadium.

    During the third quarter, several banks of lights suddenly went out.  Fans and players both waited in darkness as the game was delayed roughly three minutes.  When the game was resumed, not all of the lights had been on.

    This was a disastrous day for the Giants as well as the stadium itself.  Already trailing the Cowboys 19-6, the Giants allowed Felix Jones to score on a 71-yard pass just two plays after the game resumed.

    Lights out.

Man Dies at Qualcomm Stadium After 30 Foot Fall

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    During the 2009 season, a 66-year-old worker was killed after helping to set-up for the Chargers and Broncos Monday Night Football matchup.

    The man fell from a booth area in a press box to a lower level underneath the box estimated to be a fall of 30 feet.  The worker was rushed to the hospital immediately and the opening of the gates were delayed by 40 minutes.

    After close to 12 hours at the hospital, the man was announced dead.