Mick Foley Is TNA

Nick RobertoCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

Yesterday, Mick Foley's representatives confirmed his departure from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Foley himself made a quick comment, stating that he has signed a deal with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He ended his short message with the following words:

"See you at the Impact Zone!"

People have mixed reactions for Foley going to TNA. Some claim that it will hurt his legacy and it is pointless for him to fight anymore. But one thing everybody, being his fan or not, must respect about Mick Foley is his passion for the business.

He loves wrestling; it's obvious. Every time he's "hung the boots up" and dabbled in different business endeavors, he always gets drawn right back in.

Mick Foley had done so much for this business and helped usher in wrestling's peak period; the Attitude Era. He revolutionized the business, following in his idol Terry Funk's footsteps.

Foley brought the new wave of hardcore to the table, and being one of the kindest men I have ever met in the business, he deserves to do whatever he chooses. If he is unhappy with WWE, and feels he can bring positive things to TNA, then so be it. To hell with everybody claiming he's soiling his legacy by turning his back on the WWE.

Foley called into the Opie & Anthony radio show earlier today and discussed his departure. He confirmed he has been upset with Vince McMahon yelling at him over the headset. Apparently, Foley was told that Vince was being nicer to him than most. But, the last straw was Vince yelling at him during Edge and Vickie's wedding.

There is NO WAY Foley is going to make the kind of impact the Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, did in WCW. He knows this; he's older and isn't expecting to flip TNA upside down. He feels that he's a good aspect and can bring good things to the table to help TNA grow.

Anybody with a problem with that is just a jackass. For all the things Foley has down for the wrestling fans, and the hell he's put his body through, I say...