Coaches on The Hotseat: Week 1

Daniel SpratlinContributor ISeptember 5, 2008


Pittsburgh did have a 27-15 first downs edge and 493-254 yard edge but 4 turnovers did them in. It was surprising that Pittsburgh was even ranked by the AP in preseason and Coach Wannstedt is now firmly on the hot seat.


Not many mentioned Tommy Bowden in their "Coaches on the Hot Seat" lists at the start of the year but he should rise to No. 1. Clemson has the talent to be favored in all 12 games this year but as usual, when expected to win, they lose.

It was an ugly loss at that as Alabama dominated the line of scrimmage with 25-11 first downs and 239-0 rush edges.

Clemson's outstanding tandem of CJ Spiller and James Davis disappear in way too many games like this (8 carries, 20 yards). Now with everyone shoveling dirt on Bowden’s grave, he’ll probably turn around and win the ACC.