Randy Orton Has Ascended.

Garry LambertContributor ISeptember 5, 2008

Randy Orton has ascended. That’s what I told the all knowing
Mayor earlier today. Last Night’s performance by Randy Orton did more to put
him over than winning the title at 23 years old. We always knew Randy had the
in ring skills, the look, the bloodline, but what he lacked was that certain
something. That inexplicable talent to make every mark hang on your every word,

RKO as a face, heel, and in-between, never quite had “it”. It’s amazing what amotorcycle accident will do to your persona.

Hunter knows it, Stone Cold survived the last three years of
his career on it, and Flair invented it. I’m talking about the ability to get
over without wrestling. Not all Mic workers have to be FUNNY like Santino or
Boisterous like Cena, in fact the best heels and good guys find a good medium –
the Rock when he toned it down could talk some serious smack – true smack. Last
night Orton stepped in that ring and finally said what we all think. For what
night only RKO was the voice of the people, the bitter, cynical wrestling fan
who hates any and everything unless “their guy” is on top. Orton dug into his
inner fanboy and ripped Beth, Santino, Priceless, and CM Punk a new asshole!

And boy was he dead on with everything he said.

That brings up the question of why so soon? Is the injury a
work? Are they setting something up sooner than later? Feel free to chirp in
with your own opinion, but I think WWE creative knows that this Championship
Scramble, at least on the Raw side is total bullshit. Jericho Michaels is the
real draw on the Raw brand. CM Punk has beaten JBL… only beaten JBL actually.
Kane and Rey are in the match to escalate their feud and Batista just needs
something to do. If Cena was in the match, sure their would be drama, because
anytime Superman is in the ring he has a chance to win a title – especially a
title he’s never won – imagine a spinner World Champion belt – haha!

Truth of the matter is that Punk isn’t going to drop the
title in a gimmick match; I will bet money from my pocket that HHH will loose
his title in the scramble before Punk does. So that leaves WWE with a big hole
to fill in terms of drama. You have a main event champ that no one cares about.
What do you do? Inject some agent Orton into the mix. Punk will keep the title
until Survivor Series where he and Orton will put on a classic that will last
until the Rumble. Setting up Batista Vs. RKO depending on if Cena turns to the
darkside or not.  The point is CM Punk
finally has a match waiting for him that people actually want to see… too bad
it’s a solid Month and a half away.