Top 10 Most Pathetic NFL Fan Bases

Michoel BotwinickSenior Analyst ISeptember 5, 2008

Bring up the topic of NFL fan bases and you'll always get an argument as to why a certain team’s fans are the best. But bring up an accusation against a team's fan base and you might just get beer poured on your head (although if you're stupid enough to do that, you probably deserve it).  In any event, since everyone has an opinion on these things, I'll present you with mine. I'm up for a debate, so bring it on!

Note: The following rankings are extremely unscientific and unabashedly biased.


10. San Diego Chargers

In truth, the only reason the Chargers are up here is because of the simple fact that they are one of the most dominant teams in the NFL, as they have been for a long time.

Unfortunately for them, their mostly laid-back fans have never fully embraced the franchise, and their 30 consecutive sellouts aren't all that impressive.

9. Carolina Panthers

While Panthers fans are, for the most part, a motley bunch, they do have a few die-hard fans, and I will give them credit for that. Their stadium is pretty quiet year-round, though.

8. Cincinnati Bengals

Most people will put Bengals fans way further down this list, but I'll cut them some slack because they remind me of Eagles fans. Unsurprisingly, Cincinnati fans have been disenchanted with the franchise for a long time, considering that the team has had only one winning season in the last 17 years.

7. Houston Texans

It's not that Texans fans won't sell out their stadium or apply for season tickets, it's just that the vigor and energy is not there. Definitely one of the quieter stadiums in the NFL.

6. Miami Dolphins

Again, another fan base that most people will consider to be one of the worst, but I'll give them some credit for actually showing up once in a while; even if it's just to show off their tanned bodies.

5. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona had always supported a healthy Cowboys fan base before the Cardinals moved there in the 1980s. The Cardinals were never quite able to claim most of those fans, mostly due to their losing habits. However, their new stadium will probably help.

4.  St. Louis Rams

The Rams have fans who, for the most part, support their team when it's doing well, but have absolutely no interest in it when the franchise is floundering. A meager two consecutive sellouts tell the tale.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta has always been a baseball town, but of late fans have been paying even more attention to their college teams than their NFL team, which I think is pathetic.

2. Detroit Lions

The Lions do not have the worst fan base in the NFL for several reasons. One, you have to give respect the die-hards who do show up every week—despite the team's long history of losing—and two, even though games tend to be completely silent, they do sell out quite often.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

This may come as a surprise to most, but the reason I have the Jaguars fan base as the worst in the NFL is quite simple. Unlike most other teams up here, this franchise is actually quite successful lately, so their fans have no excuse for not showing up. The numbers prove it: zero consecutive sellouts.


I know many of you will disagree with my rankings, but I think it is worthy to note: In no way am I disrespecting any of the true fans who show up for every game through thick and thin.  I am merely judging a given team's fan base as a whole. Plus, as I stated earlier, some of my rankings are slightly biased. Hey, it's a free country!