The Detroit Red Wings Are Mean

Joshua AuCoinContributor ISeptember 5, 2008

Does anyone remember elementary school when all the athletes would team up in gym class and make it unfair for everyone else? That's the Detroit Red Wings this season.

They didn't need any more fire power, they didn't really need a whole lot, and they were already favourites to repeat as Stanley Cup champs—but hey, why not go pick up Marian Hossa?

As a fan of a different NHL team, I am mainly just bitter that Detroit is so good. It's actually a really good move for everyone involved. The Wings get a bona fide superstar player without losing anything—and without angering the captain because Hossa doesn't make quite as much as Lidstrom.

So everyone's happy. Hossa gets to go from a really good team that made the Finals last year to the Stanley Cup champs, whose odds on repeating are really high compared to pretty much any Stanley Cup Champion in recent years.

Detroit wasn't the only team in the division that got better, though. The entire Central division for the most part is pretty good now.

Chicago, Detroit, and Columbus all have a really good chance (or pretty much guaranteed for Detroit) of getting into the playoffs, St. Louis isn't far back, and Nashville is bringing up the back end of the Central because of poor defense, potential goaltender problems, and off-ice issues—i.e. Radulov).

So look out, NHL—the once-laughable Central Division could take over the Western Conference this year.