"And the Award Goes To..." WWE Slammys: Cena Wins Again

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIDecember 14, 2010

WWE’s special three hour Slammy awards saw John Cena and team LayCool running away with two awards each. Cena won the “Holy (insert expletive here) Award” for giving Batista an Attitude Adjustment off a car earlier in the year. This beat John Morrison jumping about 10 feet onto a confused Sheamus and Randy Orton’s mid air RKO to Evan Bourne. With that being said, I believe the real Holy %@*> award goes to WWE awarding this to John Cena.

Additionally, Cena has been rehired by Wade Barrett; he has to be so he can be "Superstar of the Year". This is no real shocker. He is again going after the Nexus and this time he has a match against Wade Barrett at Sunday’s pay per view in a chairs match. With his dismantling of David Otunga on RAW, Barrett is the last person left for Cena to take care of.

Unfortunately the story has gone in a complete circle and we are back to where we started; that is, Cena vs Barrett/Nexus. I am losing hope that this will be made into something more intriguing after WWE TCL. I really hope that I am wrong and we are saved from having to deal with the same monotonous story again. I am a huge Cena fan, but it is getting a bit old now.

Hopefully, we can count on Otunga to make something out of it. He might either turn completely on Barrett, since Barrett left him to taste the steel of the chair at the hands of Cena, or he can use this as a lesson and stop trying to bite the hand that feeds him. Either way, I hope he does not end up costing Barrett the match and causing the Nexus to disband afterwards.

I am also concerned about the winds of change that we had been promised by Nexus. It seems that it has all been forgotten. I, for one, would really like to know what all of this was about. Perhaps it is simply getting younger talent to be recognized. If this is the case, then I think it is safe to say that Barrett has achieved this. Nexus are fairly regular competitors on RAW and they hold a title. Also, with Cena’s attention diverted, we have seen some matches where Alex Riley has been put against Randy Orton.

The RAW edition immediately after Cena refereed the WWE title match between Orton and Barrett was one of the best episodes I have seen for this year. There was drama, humour and such a mix of emotions that I said to myself, "Wow, this was not that bad, I look forward to next week.” Since then, the most interesting thing to happen on RAW was Michael Cole interrupting Jerry Lawler, costing him a title.

Honorable mentions go to the Miz for stealing one of the awards from the Miz Girl and Michael Cole for getting his speech cut short. Finally, the last award goes to WWE for keeping things controversial and giving us something to talk and argue about.