Is Awesome Kong Too Awesome?

Jason IovannaCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2008

Women's wrestling is a more predominant force in today's wrestling companies than ever before.  Rather than having only a very select few female wrestlers and just one woman wrestler carrying the belt for years, like the WWF did with the Fabulous Moolah, women's divisions are now very competitive.

For the most part, the women are on a pretty even keel and the competition is pretty much fair.  Even Victoria and Beth Phoenix (marketed as both beauty and brawn) in the WWE, who many fans consider the most talented athletically, are still proven to be beatable.

With their impressive physiques as women, they are not overly dominant and are susceptible to the faster paced female wrestlers like Mickie James, Nattie Neidhart, and now Gail Kim.

However, in TNA, in my opinion, the female division is a little ahead of WWE's.  Most of the women are more athletic and came up in the wrestling scene, while more of the WWE's women are models or aspiring actresses turned wrestlers.

In a league of her own is TNA's Awesome Kong.  Most likely the most dominant woman in professional wrestling ever, Kong's size is intimidating, and her raw power and moves are comparable to any dominating male wrestler.

Kong, in my opinion, is on the same level as Chyna once was in the WWF.  However, I feel that TNA is doing something wrong here by making her too dominant.  Every other wrestler pales in size and power compared to Kong.

Even though Chyna was dominant, the WWF did a good job by making her more of a "bodyguard" than a wrestler.  After all, she was only a one-time women's champion and could have won it countless times.

Kong rarely sells when taking hits, and every one of her matches is pretty much a squash.  Other than ODB, there is no competition for Kong in TNA.  Any other woman who is the Knockouts Champion (and by the way, bad name for the women's division because almost all the women are anything but knockouts) will seem undeserving of that title compared to Kong.

If I had never heard of TNA before, I wouldn't understand why Kong isn't champion because every other woman looks like an ant compared to her.  Kong is an amazing female wrestler, and I think putting her in that tag team turmoil match was good because it looked as though TNA was throwing more competition her way.

In closing, Kong is good for TNA and TNA is good for Kong.  However, with the departure of Gail Kim and possibly other "Knockouts" in the future, TNA should look to sign more female wrestlers in her league.