B/R's Automatic Blog Importing: Could the Cons Outweigh the Pros?

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst ISeptember 5, 2008

Most of the Bleacher Report community will understand my point; they may disagree with it, but they'll understand it.

Automatic importing of member blogs has been a feature that has disturbed me since I first joined B/R several months ago. B/R presents itself as an avenue by which fans can "write" about their teams, their favorite sport or athlete, or whatever else they find important in the sporting world.


What does that mean, exactly?

Does it mean a single paragraph of rambling jumbled thoughts? Or several "one-liners" on the screen?

"Blogging" has become a very popular form of self expression across the world. It gives many people the opportunity to express their views, thoughts, and opinions on any subject without the "restrictions" and "structure" of "published writing."

Blogging doesn't require that the writer make any attempt at researching his or her points, or use any type of "writing structure," proper grammar, or correct spelling.

I have read several "articles" here at B/R regarding the "legitimacy" of B/R's writers, speculating on whether or not B/R's writers can ever be taken seriously, and if B/R will ever be "respected" as a legitimate source of news or simple quality sports journalism.

With automatic blog importing, B/R may may be hurting itself in a big way in this regard.

While clicking through B/R, one will undoubtedly end up on a page at some point that is nothing more than a random blog entry, with no journalistic integrity whatsoever. There is no writing structure in use, or even as much as an attempt at a true written work.

Rather, these "articles" are a quick tip-tap of the keys to let one's thoughts fly onto the screen, imported overnight from a user's blog.

Add to that the reality is that so many of these "members" are importing their blog entries and rarely, if ever, contribute in any other way. There are no comments posted on other articles, and no responses to comments made on their own imported works.

This is not a good thing for B/R.

I am not in any way disparaging "blogging;" I think it has it's place in society and is a valuable resource to everyone.

But is it right for Bleacher Report?

I don't think so. Do you?


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