Leaders and Legends: The Big Ten Reveals Divisions and Much More

Jack MCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2010

Earlier today, the Big Ten unveiled their new logo on the Big Ten Network.

The logo will become the official logo of the conference when Nebraska moves from the Big 12. This is the Big Ten's first expansion since 1990 when Penn State became the conference's 11th team.

Later on the program, the new divisions for the conference were announced with some interesting names: The Legends and The Leaders .


The Legends




Michigan State




The Leaders

Ohio State





Penn State


These divisions seem somewhat controversial.

  • The division names are very debatable on whether they are suitable or can even be taken seriously.
  • Michigan and Ohio State have been separated and no one knows if they will keep that rivalry game.
  • Ohio State is put into the "Leaders" division when they are historically the most "legendary" team in the conference. Nebraska is in the "Legends" division and they haven't played a game in the Big Ten.

Despite the negatives, there are also positives to the divisions.

  • Both divisions seem to be equal in talent and historical prominence.
  • The teams in each conference are not very far from each other geographically.
  • The division names are not generic such as North and South of the Former Big 12 or East and West of the SEC.

The Big Ten also decided on the trophy names for the Big Ten championship which will be held in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The trophy name for the Big Ten champion is the Stagg-Paterno Trophy.

The trophy name for the MVP of that game is the Grange-Griffin Trophy.

It will be interesting to gauge the reactions of the Big Ten coaches, players and fans to these new developments to their conference.