Sal Alosi of New York Jets Should Be Banned from NFL and Arrested for Assault

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2010

Sal Alosi is so despicable I won't even post a picture of him in this article, so here's Rex Ryan and the Jets
Sal Alosi is so despicable I won't even post a picture of him in this article, so here's Rex Ryan and the JetsNick Laham/Getty Images

I want to start out by saying I like Jets coach Rex Ryan. I really do.

I think he is one of the most interesting personalities in all of sports. His brash honesty is refreshing and often hilarious.

I also understand why Rex took the high road when asked about Sal Alosi's situation, since Ryan claimed he did not see it or know about it. That's all fine.

I think we all know what happened on Sunday, but in case there is a reader who doesn't, I will tell you. Sal Alosi, the strength and conditioning coach for the NY Jets, intentionally tripped a Miami Dolphin player running down the sideline. 

Now many people will likely write articles about this calling for him to be fined or fired. To them, I say to wake up and smell the coffee. Those are ridiculous requests. I mean, he is going to be fined and fired, we all know that—but he should get much worse.  

The Jets should not have to fire Alosi. The league should do it for them. Alosi should be given the Pete Rose treatment by the NFL.

He should be banned from the league's sidelines forever. 

He should never again be able to stand on a sideline during an NFL game.

What he did was not only wrong, but it hurt the integrity of the game and could have ended someone's career.  A fine does not do that justice.   

Similarly, last time I checked, if a fan or a media member ran on the field and tackled someone, or ran on the sideline and tripped someone, he would be arrested and removed from the stadium and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Every stadium in the NFL makes an announcement that says as much during the game.

So why shouldn't Alosi get the same treatment?  He wasn't involved in the game, and he should get the same treatment as any other media member or fan who would do the same thing.  He should have been taken out by police and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I hate mixing the law with sports, and I always say if guys get in a fight on the field, the police have no place in getting involved. Let the sports police themselves, and normally I defend that viewpoint adamantly.

Big difference here is that this did not happen with players on the field. This was perpetrated by someone on the sideline who had no business getting involved in the game.

Alosi basically sucker-punched Carroll.  He hit a defenseless guy who didn't see it coming. Thus, Alosi should be banned from the NFL and he should have been arrested like any fan would have for doing the same thing.  It's a no brainer.

However, we know it won't happen. At worst, the league might suspend Alosi for the rest of the regular season or simply ban him from being on the sidelines. The Jets will have to fire him, and he will avoid legal prosecution

I'm here to tell you that's a travesty.

However, there is one other thing that aggravated me probably as much as what Alosi did. He picked Nolan Carroll to trip, a backup player with no impact on the game. That makes Alosi dumber than Ron Artest or Mike Tyson. 

Extreme stupidity should be illegal and Alosi has to be the dumbest person on planet Earth. He had to know, with all the camera crews there, that he was going to get caught. There was no way he did not realize what he was doing before he did it.

He knew that tripping Nolan Carroll would get him in a lot of trouble, fined, suspended and likely fired. If he did not realize that, then he is too dumb to even be called a human being.

Assuming he knew the consequences, why would he trip Carroll?

I mean, if you were going to do something like that, knowing the consequences, you would think you would at least trip someone with the ball or a key player on the other team. At least trip someone worth losing everything for, or trip someone that might stop a big play, or help your team win a game.

It would still be wrong, but at least then Alosi could say it was in the heat of the moment and that he made a poor decision. Alosi didn't do that though. He tripped someone who was having no impact on the game. That just makes him a jackass.

I mean, he tripped a guy who dive-bombs on punts for crying out loud! Was it really worth your career to trip a guy that was having no impact on the game?

Alosi apologized, but in this case an apology means little. You can't apologize for doing something so stupid. Besides, he had to apologize; he had no other choice, as he knew he was in big trouble at that point.

I do want to apologize for one thing though: A few paragraphs ago, I said Alosi had to be the dumbest man on Earth. I owe all the other dumb people out there an apology. That is an insult to dumb men everywhere.

Alosi is too stupid to be called the dumbest man on Earth. He's dumber than most single-celled organisms.


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