Columbus Blue Jackets to retire #…

Bethany PCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

Seriously, I have been trying to spend my time wisely.  You know, studying, working, writing for the school paper, and well you know, trying to have some sort of social life.  But, something came up today, and it really got me thinking.  There are a lot of hockey clubs preparing to retire a certain players number.

It got me thinking…do the Blue Jackets have a player that deserves this type of honor?

In reality, the answer is probably, no.  Rick Nash will probably get there eventually.  But, anyone else?  I really can’t think of anyone.  David Vyborny pops into my head.

Vyborny played every single NHL game of his career with the Blue Jackets.  Every single season, he was the man who gave it all, night in, night out.  He didn’t have a good season in 2007-2008.  But, he was injured most of it.

What do you guys think?  Anyone stick out?