Detroit Lions Finally Vindicate Prognosticative Supporters (Like Me...)

Tom MaysContributor IDecember 12, 2010

Defensive Domination!
Defensive Domination!Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Tom Kowalski, Doug Karsch, Scott Anderson, Mike Valenti and Tony Foster—eat your hearts out!

Each of you has relentlessly detailed that "the Detroit Lions have shown little or no progress this year." 

In fact, I have read or listened to each one of you suggest that: "Matt Stafford is made of glass and can't be relied upon," or "The Lions Need to take a strong look at replacing Jim Schwartz," or "The Detroit Lions are being given a free pass," or  "The Detroit Fans need to be more demanding."  

I admit that that there was a time when I was right there with each one of you. In fact, I absolutely hated to even watch the Lions organization during most of the past thirty years, especially with the waste of Barry Sanders.

Now, I am prepared to tell you that our day is coming—very soon.  

Earlier this year I wrote an article for The Bleacher Report, (, where I expressed my own observations about the direction of this franchise.  

Today, I stand vindicated and I remain firm in my earlier support of the Detroit Lions management and the direction of this franchise!

"Beat a Winner," I have heard each one of you state. "Close doesn't mean anything in this league; it's all about winning," you have stated. 

Yes, that is all true, but many of us have seen improvement, the same improvement that you have chosen to ignore, and it has been difficult to understand why you experts have failed to see it as well.  

Many of us have seen the heart and determination of this team. We have seen the growth and the development taking place.

Why would you choose to ignore it and instead choose to voice a divisive opinion? I know why—it is your job, but let's get real here.

Today, the growth I am talking about was finally evidenced in the next big step. Today, loyal Lions supporters watched a gradually improving Lions team beat a winner. 

Today, we watched a defense that is still growing, learning and improving, watched them take just one more step as they moved towards learning how to dominate late into a game.  

Today, they did it! 

Did you see it?  

Will you admit it? 

Will you voice your support?  

Unlike you, those of us who represent a starving but supportive fan base crave a winning football program. We will be able to truly enjoy this initial step towards a new Lions franchise—a franchise on the rebound.

 Yes it is only step one, but we can and we will enjoy it. 

Get your excuses for your earlier opinions ready. I know in your mind this means nothing, but just remember this day. We are moving in the right direction and the Lions roar is being restored! 

You can choose to support them now because, just like Schwartz said earlier this week, we really are only a few players away.


(The question is, do you?)