WWE: 12 Days of Greatness, 12 Moments That Will Never Be Forgotten

Nick BolyardContributor IIIDecember 12, 2010

WWE: 12 Days of Greatness, 12 Moments That Will Never Be Forgotten

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    In honor of this holiday season, I've decided to put a twist on the classic Christmas song "12 Days of Christmas."  Basically, the concept here is to take 12 days or moments that I have seen (and many others) that are unforgettable and place it in the form of a story (you can sing if you want).  

    Happy holidays, and enjoy reliving these moments.

12. WrestleMania 2000

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    WrestleMania 2000 was AWESOME! Not just because it saw the Fatal 4-Way elimination match between Triple H, The Rock, Big Show and Mick Foley (each with a McMahon in their corner), but because of one of my favorite matches of all time.  

    We saw the Triangle Ladder Match.  The Hardyz, Dudleyz and Edge and Christian took the ladder match to a whole other level on this night.  I would consider it the unofficial first TLC match, but it paved the way for countless other matches between these three great tag teams.  The Triangle Ladder Match would win Match of the Year, and would give, in my opinion, the greatest WWF/E tag team their first championship.  

11. McMahon Gets a Stunner

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    And so it began. Austin/McMahon.  This would be the first of many Stone Cold Stunners on the boss, but it was mroe amazing that this was the first time a wrestler attacked the owner.  Plus, McMahon looked like he was having a seizure after it...he learned how to take a stunner later...and not convulse. 

10. Y2J's Second Coming

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    Who could forget the Code.  This was one of my favorite returns.  The charismatic and always entertaining Y2J Chris Jericho returned to WWE after a two-year absence.  The crowd was electrified and Y2J didn't miss a beat.  Plus, he totally owned Randy Orton!

9. HBK Lost His Smile

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    One of the more emotional segments in the history of WWE.  We all thought Shawn Michaels was done, retired, couldn't come back.  He did a really good job convincing us of that anyway.  Although Shawn would return, the emotion from the crowd tells the story of why this moment will never be forgotten.

8. Austin's Zamoboni

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    Austin? A zamboni?  What's not to love?!  McMahon was awarding the WWF title (surrounded by security, Undertaker and Kane) and Austin decides to crash the party.  The crowd went nuts as he rolled the machine to the ring and beat down Vince.  Classic Austin moment!  Well Vince, you did invite him to the ring...be careful what you wish for!

7. RVD Finally Wins the Big One

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    ECW One Night Stand 2006 was an awesome PPV.  Great atmosphere, great matches and a great ending.  Thanks to some help from Edge, RVD finally won the WWE title from John Cena in front of his fans.  It was long overdue, but it finally happened.  Too bad his reign would be cut too short.

6. Foley Goes Flying

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    Who doesn't remember this?  The announcers and everyone else thought he died.  Little did they know, Foley is invincible and would go on to take another huge fall through the cell and finish the match.  How? I still don't know how he did it, but I was there and it was AWESOME!

5. Five Seconds of the People Chanting The Rock's Name

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    We all know and love this segment.  Mankind presented "This is your life" to the Rock.  The Rock seemed annoyed, Mankind is a goof, and everyone loved it.  One of the highest rated segments ever and one of the most memorable!  PANCAKES!

4. The Heartbreak Kid Has Left the Building

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    Shawn Michaels walked off into the sunset, the night after WrestleMania 26.  He put his career on the line in a rematch versus the Undertaker and came up short.  He gave an emotional, real goodbye.  Unlike when he lost his smile, he left on his own terms this time for good.  

3. Raw Is Owen

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    Any true fan knows the episode Raw is Owen.  The night after Owen Hart's accident was a great tribute show. His colleagues showed a lot of emotion, especially in the shoot interviews about him  Mark Henry's was probably the most emotional, with his poem to Owen.  At the end of the night, Stone Cold left a beer in the ring for Owen.  Classic, unforgettable night!

2. Foley Wins the Title

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    First, thanks Eric Bischoff for letting us all know he was going to win!  Mick Foley finally got his night, as he defeated the Rock for the WWF Championship, for the first time.  This was part of an awesome feud. Plus, this was the only match Michael Cole called well.  Foley is good.  This was a lot better than that finger poke on the other show.  Foley wins the belt?  That'll put some butts in the seats!

1. And a Screwjob in Montreal

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    This started the Attitude Era!  Vince did a bad, bad, bad thing, but it is something we will never forget. HBK put Bret Hart in his own sharpshooter and Earl Hebner called for the bell.  A big conspiracy that would take 13 for Bret to get a little revenge.


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    Thanks for reading.  Hope you all enjoyed the show.  Feel free to provide your own constructive comments and opinions.  And I will leave you with his little video.