Michael Vick: Plotting Out Philadelphia Eagles' Path to a Dallas Super Bowl Win

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 12, 2010

Michael Vick: Plotting Out Philadelphia Eagles' Path to a Dallas Super Bowl Win

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have yet to lock up a spot in the postseason, but they are sitting pretty at the top of the NFC East, tied for the division lead with the New York Giants at 8-4.

    If the Eagles win out their schedule, with four games remaining, they're a shoe-in to win the NFC East. 

    They're likely to make a deep playoff run once they make it to the postseason.  How for will they go?

    A Super Bowl doesn't seem too big of a stretch with a very electric football team. 

    With that in mind, let's plot out their path to a win in the Super Bowl.

At Dallas Cowboys, December 12

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    Not many people thought that the Dallas Cowboys would be perched at the bottom of the NFC East this season.

    In fact, many probably thought that Dallas' season-ending games against the Eagles would have a big impact on whether or not the Cowboys or the Eagles would win the NFC East. 

    But the 'Boys have fallen out of the race, and it's between the Giants and the Eagles.

    Expect this game to have plenty of points on the scoreboard.  Dallas is looking like a much better football team late in the season and could give the Eagles trouble. 

    But this is a game that Eagles should win because they are a much more balanced football team. 

    Prediction: Eagles 31, Cowboys 26

At New York Giants, December 19

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    The first time the Eagles played the G-men, they were at home, and they gave the Giants fits. 

    Early in the second half, Giants coach Tom Coughlin was seen frustrated on the sidelines because they didn't have an answer for mobile Michael Vick and the rest of their runners.

    The Eagles won that matchup 27-17.  If the Eagles win, consider them a lock for the NFC East.

    If the Eagles continue to use their elusiveness and speed, the New York defense shouldn't have an answer to their attack. 

    Prediction: Eagles 24, Giants 20

Minnesota Vikings, December 26

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    Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings face the Eagles in three weeks. 

    With the Vikings likely out of the NFC North race, there's nothing else left for that football team but to look forward to next season.

    The Eagles should have the advantage against a spotty and inconsistent Vikings secondary. Brett Favre keeps getting injured, Percy Harvin continues to deal with migraines and the whole team just seems to be playing a forgettable season.

    It's not likely that the Vikes can pull of this win.

    Prediction: Eagles 27, Vikings 17

Dallas Cowboys, January 2

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    Here's another matchup with bitter NFC East rival, Dallas Cowboys.

    For the last Eagles game of the regular season, Philadelphia will go head-to-head with the 'Boys.

    There are early reports that Tony Romo could be back.  But does it really even matter?

    Most likely not.  He may actually hurt the team's chemistry.  At this point, the Cowboys' role is to play spoilers.  This final game of the season could determine the winner of the NFC East.

    Prediction: Eagles 21, Cowboys 14

Playoff Bound

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    What's the best-case scenario?

    If the Eagles win out, they'll take the NFC East crown. 

    The most important game of their schedule has to be against the Giants. 

    If they complete a season sweep of the Giants, they'll have the upper hand and might even have a chance to earn a first-round bye.

Wild Card Round

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    At this rate the NFC-leading Atlanta Falcons will probably secure a first round bye.  But the second NFC team is still up in the air.

    The NFC North-leading Bears could be earn that bye, as well.  However, the Eagles have a chance to get the first round bye if they finish the year with a 12-4 record.

    If not, a Wild Card round game against the New Orleans Saints will probably be in their future.

    Prediction: First-round bye.

Divisional Round: Chicago Bears

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    Who could be their divisional-round opponents? 

    It could be the Chicago Bears. 

    This could actually be their toughest matchup if they go head-to-head with the defensively intense Bears.

    They may be able to stall the Eagles running game, but the mobility of Michael Vick should keep them on their toes. 

    If Vick makes good decisions under pressure, the Eagles should be at an advantage.

    Prediction: Eagles 27, Bears 24

Conference Championships: Atlanta Falcons

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    This shouldn't be a big surprise. If the Eagles make it all the way to the Conference Finals, their most likely opponent will be the Atlanta Falcons.

    With the Falcons playing at such a high level, a long postseason surely is in the works for that team.

    Interestingly, one of the Falcons' two losses this year came against the Eagles.  But that was with Kevin Kolb at quarterback and Michael Vick sidelined with injury.

    Regardless, this Eagles team knows they can beat the Falcons and shouldn't back down from this fight. 

    Michael Vick will give this Eagles team more of a mobile threat, and it should be a very interesting matchup.

    Prediction: Eagles 28, Falcons 21

Super Bowl: New England Patriots

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    If the Eagles make to the last game of the playoffs, their most likely opponent will be the New England Patriots.

    The Pats are team full of veterans with a strong head coach, while the Eagles have more young talent on their squad. 

    Could the Patriots be in for a big letdown?  It's possible. 

    Michael Vick's legs and ability to make plays in the clutch just may match up with Tom Brady's arm. 

    Andy Reid is a fat genius, by most accounts, so he may finally pull a fast one over the guy under the hoodie. 

    Prediction: Eagles 34, Patriots 31

Conclusion: Eagles Win

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    This could be the year of the Eagles. 

    Since Michael Vick took over as starter, the Eagles have had the kind of season that builds up a lot of excitement.

    Vick's game this season has shown an ability to elevate the rest of his teammates. 

    LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are all great athletes with the ability to break out in a football game. 

    If the Eagles keep up their electric style of play, they should be one of the most feared teams in the playoffs.