UFC 124 Results: Stefan Stuve Dominates Sean McCorkle in Montreal

Michael EastContributor IDecember 12, 2010

With all the prefight hype, underground message boards and bully beat down antics, Stefan Struve showed the fans of Montreal, and the rest of the world that talking only goes so far.

Quickly into the first round, Sean McCorkle was able to land a big take-down, and jump at a nice Kimura that was waiting for the taking. As Stefan calmly worked the cage, utilized his guard and worked his position, the 6'11" "Skyscrape" was able to reverse his position  to mount an rain a flurry of bombs that forced UFC referee Yves Lavigne to stop the damage and name Stefan Struve as the winner.

Struve, who has won five of his seven fights in the UFC, kept his professionalism, thanked McCorkle and walked out victoriously.