The Sweet 16: The Debut Of The WWE and TNA Power Rankings

Ryan FryeSenior Analyst IDecember 12, 2010

The Sweet 16: The Debut Of The WWE and TNA Power Rankings

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    Welcome to the first-ever edition of The Sweet 16: WWE and TNA Power Rankings. Similar things have been done before on Bleacher Report, but it never really stuck.

    Each week, I will rank the top 16 superstars from WWE and TNA. The past week's ranking will influence the new week's rankings, so here is the criteria:

    1. Momentum

    2. Wins/Losses throughout the week

    3. Consistency

    4. Support from the fans

    Here are the Sweet 16!

16. King Sheamus

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    Sheamus was officially coronated as the King of the RIng this past Monday night on Raw.

    He would be attacked by John Morrison after ordering Morrison to bow down. The series between these two is tied at one, so expect a match at TLC.

    This should help his gimmick and eventually lead to the continuation of a feud with Triple H.

15. Beer Money

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    Beer Money earned another tag team title shot after defeating Ink Inc.

    This sets up a match with The Motor City Machine Guns. Not much more to be said, except for another brilliant match is on its way.

14. The United States Champion, Daniel Bryan

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    Despite being tagged with the geek gimmick, Daniel Bryan has been on a roll as of late. The U.S. Champion defeated the now WWE Champion Miz and has gotten the best of Ted DiBiase.

    On RAW, he won a mixed tag match with Brie Bella (correct me if it was Nikki) against DiBiase and Maryse. The question is: Who is going to challenge Daniel Bryan now?

13. The Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler

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    Thanks to Jack Swagger, Ziggler retained his championship vs. Kofi Kingston. This could now go many different directions: Swagger feuding with Kofi, Swagger feuding with Ziggler, Kofi feuding with Ziggler or a triple threat match at TLC. 

    If we see Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, would one of the two turn face? Or would we have a heel taking on a fellow heel? 

12. Alberto Del Rio

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    The fastest rising superstar in wrestling today, Alberto Del Rio. He is in the middle of a feud with Rey Mysterio, which many consider a passing of the torch to WWE's new top Mexican Superstar.

    He is a great heel and is already garnering main event type heat. Too bad this guy will turn face sooner rather than later, because he has been pure gold since entering WWE.

11. The TNA Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns

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    Perhaps the best tag team in pro wrestling right now. Does anybody think Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov are in the same league as these two? That's what I thought.

    They put the proverbial nail in Generation Me's coffin at Final Resolution. They now will now defend their tag titles against Beer Money. 

10. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett thought he had finally gotten rid of John Cena, but he couldn't have been more wrong. Cena cost Barrett his title match against Randy Orton.

    In the coming weeks, Cena continued attacks on other Nexus members until Barrett was faced with this ultimatum by David Otunga and the rest on Nexus: Re-hire John Cena or be exiled from The Nexus.

9. Rey Mysterio

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    The Ultimate Underdog has gotten the better of Alberto Del Rio recently.

    We all know Del Rio will eventually win this feud, so will Mysterio pick up the win at TLC? Or will Del Rio finally put this feud to bed?

8. The TNA Television Champion, Douglas Williams

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    At Final Resolution, Williams defeated AJ Styles to become the TV Champion. He retained that title against Abyss on Thursday. Even though he was attacked afterwards by Styles, he beat two of the top stars in TNA in the span of a week.

    This could mean he has management behind him and could receive a huge push. He could also give some prestige to the TV Championship, because it has changed names three times now. Both he and his championship could be on the rise.

    EDIT: I originally had Williams at twelve until a reader changed my mind.

7. Matt Morgan

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    After once again being cheated out of the TNA World Championship, Morgan will face Mr. Anderson for Number One Contendership at Genesis.

    Many believe believe Morgan's mic work is terrible and in-ring work is average, but he does have TNA management (off-screen, of course) behind him.

6. World Heavyweight Champion, Kane

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    "The Devil's Favorite Demon" was dominating Smackdown, until Edge kidnapped Paul Bearer.

    This past Friday Night on Smackdown, Kane basically accidentally killed his father (kayfabe) and now has to go into to TLC alone.

    He has been champion since July, so how much longer will creative keep him champion?

5. "The Viper" Randy Orton

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    Even though Randy Orton got the better of The Miz and Alex Riley on Raw, I'm not ready to put Orton ahead of The Miz so quickly.

    The Miz is the champion and isn't expected to drop the belt so fast. Sorry Ortonites, no Age of Orton is happening any time soon.

4. WWE Champion, The Miz

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    After cashing in just a few weeks ago, "The Awesome One" announced the stipulation at TLC will be a tables match, even though Randy Orton got the better of The Miz and Alex Riley.

3. John Cena

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    John Cena has followed through with his promise to take down each member of Nexus even though he was "fired."

    Now he has a chance of being re-hired by Wade Barrett and could possibly have the rest of Nexus on his side.

2. "The Anti-Christ Of Professional Wrestling," TNA Champion Jeff Hardy

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    Whoever his opponent at Genesis will be, do they even stand a chance?

    With Immortal at Hardy's side, I don't see how he loses the title, unless a little thing called jail gets in the way.

1. "The Ultimate Opportunist" Edge

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    Edge is in complete control of Kane right now, bringing "The Big Red Monster" to tears. The match at the TLC pay-per-view is a Tables, Ladders, Chairs match, Edge's specialty.

    With Kane being a long-reigning champion, you have to wonder how much longer they want to keep the title on him.

    Add that to the fact that we haven't seen Edge as World Champion in a while and.. that bodes well for the "Rated R Superstar."