NBA Quarter Report: Quick Hits From The Season So Far

In Simmons' FootstepsContributor IDecember 12, 2010

Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudamire have helped the Knicks to a 15-9 start
Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudamire have helped the Knicks to a 15-9 startStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

It's hard to believe that the NBA season is already a fourth of the way through.  Seems like it was just yesterday that the Boston Celtics were taking down what was supposed to be one of the best teams the NBA has seen in years (Miami, if you haven't caught on yet). 

Since then, Boston has continued to win and Miami has seen its share of ups and downs.  Let's take a look at some of the biggest news so far this season.

New Orleans Hornets Sold to the NBA
New Orleans becomes the first team ever to be owned by the NBA after owner George Shinn failed on a potential sale that would've kept the Hornets in New Orleans.  Right now, it's a toss up where the Hornets end up.  Seattle is a proven basketball market.  Kansas City has a beautiful new arena and hasn't seen professional basketball since the Kings split for Sacramento in the 80's.  Las Vegas is always in talks of a pro team.  Unfortunately, there is no front runner right now.

(Note: If the Hornets make the move to play elsewhere, Shinn will be hated in almost the entire south region.  Remember, Shinn moved the Hornets from Charlotte to NO after a nasty sexual assault trial.  He's already in the doghouse with Hornet fans.)

The Age defying Spurs Lead the Western Conference
Normally, as a team grows older, they become slower and score less points.  However, the Spurs have done just the opposite, averaging 107 points per game (third in the league).  Tim Duncan sees only about 30 minutes a night and is scoring 14 per contest.  Guys like Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker and even Richard Jefferson have been really impressive.

Another age-defying team would be the Dallas Mavericks.  Dirk Nowitzki has led this team to 19-4, only a half game back from the Spurs.

New York Knicks' Surprise Start
A lot of people already thought the Knicks were going to be a good team with the addition of Amare Stoudemire to the team.  Amare is certainly dominating in the big apple (26 PPG, nine RPG), but it's Raymond Felton who has been the difference maker.  Felton is a solid second scoring option (18 PPG) and is also doing a good job at finding his teammates (eight APG). 

Biggest surprise about this team, though?  The fact that Anthony Randolph is only playing about nine minutes per game.  This guy was supposed to be a fantasy basketball sleeper.  All he did was jab a knife into his owner's backs.

That's all I got for now.  No way did I touch on all news from the NBA season so far, but these were my three favorite stories/surprises/etc. 

Thanks for reading.