Detroit Pistons: 5 Ways They Can Change For the Better

Majed KassisContributor IIDecember 11, 2010

Detroit Pistons: 5 Ways They Can Change For the Better

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    Limbo is usually defined as a transitional state. Hearing that strangely reminds me of the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are currently stuck between rebuilding and the old championship team. I'm a Pistons fan, always was, always will be, but I'm finding myself rooting for them to lose more games.

    Why would I want them to lose? Because it seems as if the management doesn't understand the fact that they can't just sit around and do nothing. Maybe losing more games will help them realize something has to be done. Even with the team on the market, the Pistons still need to do something to win more games.

    Currently sitting at a 7-16 record, the Pistons have been terrible this year. Their pieces aren't meshing, their coach is just awful, and that's not even the half of it.

    Let's take a look at what this team can do to help itself win more games.

Trade Rip Hamilton

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    It seems that whenever I hear criticism about the Pistons, it starts with trading Rip Hamilton. Obviously, if everyone is suggesting this, it's a good idea.

    Hamilton is one of the last remnants of that 2004 Championship squad. That doesn't mean he's as good as he was back then. Rip has severely declined this season in terms of points. He's hovering around 13 a game, well below his career average.

    With Ben Gordon having a much better shooting season than last year, it would make sense that he should play more quality minutes and be starting. That's not the case in this situation. Hamilton is taking quality minutes away from Gordon, and on top of that he has been getting ejected left and right this season.

    The Pistons need to trade Rip, and the sooner the better. He is becoming cancerous to this Pistons squad more and more each day.

    Every game Rip plays, it seems that his trade value lowers. If traded, Rip would most likely go to a championship contender, and the Pistons wouldn't get much in return except for maybe cap relief. Even with that in mind, the Pistons would win more with Gordon getting quality minutes.

Trade Tayshaun Prince

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    Unlike Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince has been consistent and probably the team's best player. Even though he is the best player, it will help the Pistons win more if Prince is traded.

    Also unlike Rip, Prince will probably bring in some talent and draft picks if he were to be traded. This can be accounted for Prince's talent and expiring contract. 

    Trading Prince will open up valuable minutes for youngsters like Austin Daye or, when he comes back from injury, Jonas Jerebko.

    Even though the Pistons are lacking front court depth, Prince shouldn't be traded for a center or power forward. Instead, the Pistons really need a true point guard.

Move Rodney Stuckey To the Two Guard

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    As much as the Pistons advertise Rodney Stuckey being a point guard, he isn't. Stuckey is a strong, physical guard who can drive and create his own shot. What he can't do is create shots for others.

    Moving Stuckey to the shooting guard position can really help him use his skills to his advantage instead of making him do something he doesn't have the skill to.

    Sure, Stuckey can play 10-15 minutes as a point guard, but he cannot be starting or finishing as one. The offense is stagnant when Stuckey is the leader.

    As I said before, Prince should be traded for a true point guard so Stuckey can move to the two guard.

    In addition to Stuckey being able to employ his skills as a two guard, the Pistons will become instantly better with a true point guard.

Make Greg Monroe a Starter

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    Greg Monroe is supposed to be one of the future pieces for the Detroit Pistons. It sure doesn't seem that way. As of now, the Pistons are starting Jason Maxiell and Ben Wallace in the front court. Do you see anything wrong with that? If not, please re-read that sentence.

    Wallace is a 36 year old, 6'9'' starting center. That fact that he is starting in this stage of his career is staggering. He should not be starting, let alone getting any more than 20 minutes a night, considering the younger players this team has.

    Maxiell, is at best, an energy guy off the bench. He is in no way talented enough to be starting.

    Monroe can play either of those positions, but yet he doesn't get much playing time. He is averaging only 19 MPG. Think about it.  Wallace is getting more minutes than him.

    If the Pistons want Monroe to grow as a player, he needs to play. The Pistons have no playoff hopes this season if the roster stays the same. With that in mind, why waste minutes on Wallace when you can start developing Monroe now.

Fire Coach Kuester

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    John Kuester has been just a horrible coach for the Pistons this season. He cannot motivate his players whatsoever. They don't have the fire or drive to win, and that's a direct effect of bad coaching.

    In addition, Kuester is not making the necessary changes needed. The Pistons are losing, and he hasn't made any big lineup changes. He's still starting old timers like Wallace, when he can use this time to really develop the younger players.

    Coach Kuester isn't giving minutes by talent. Gordon is much better than Hamilton at this point, yet Rip still gets the starting position. Monroe is a much smarter player than Maxiell and has better stats in similar minutes, yet Maxiell is starting. This lineup might make sense if the Pistons were winning games, but that just isn't the case.

    The Pistons need a coach who can utilize the pieces of the team correctly and help motivate them to win. John Kuester just isn't that kind of coach.

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