Pie's Corner: The 10 Best and Worst Uniforms in College Football

Tim PiekarzContributor ISeptember 4, 2008

This is the best and worst all of college football has to offer.  If you know of any other terrible uniforms that I missed or you think the list should be moved around, let me know.



10. Miami Hurricanes: You know where they're from with those colors.

9. Hawaii Warriors: The dark green and black just works well together.

8. Texas Longhorns: The best color orange there is.

7. UCLA Bruins: They pull of the powder blue and gold with style

6. Ohio State Buckeyes: You got to love the Scarlet and Grey.

5. USC Trojans: Those uniforms are doing something good for them.

4. Florida State Seminoles: Garnet and gold just looks good, plus the best helmet in football next to Ohio State.

3. Oregon Ducks: With all the different uniforms they got, they have to be on the list for trying so hard.

2. Michigan Wolverines: Blue and maize—now that’s classic.

1. Penn State Nittany Lions: Some people say they are boring, but old school just looks a bit cooler.



10. SMU Mustangs: Not a big fan of their plain helmets.

9. Northwestern Wildcats: The Purple just looks like Grimace, Ronald McDonald’s friend.

8. Duke Blue Devils: Just like North Carolina, the basketball team does it better.

7. Boise State Broncos: The orange and blue are just exhausting.

6. Baylor Bears: I just do not like the green.

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Green Jerseys): They look stupid, and the fact is they lose all the time in them.

4. North Carolina Tar Heels: Carolina Blue just works with the basketball uniforms.

3. Iowa State Cyclones: I don’t like the red and yellow—it doesn’t look like it goes well together.

2. Minnesota Golden Gophers: Just terrible colors—I have nothing else to say about that.

1. ECU Pirates: The only teams that can pull off purple and yellow are LSU and the Lakers.