Ottawa Senators: Matt Carkner Denies Allegations of Blood Flicking

Christopher SmithContributor IDecember 10, 2010

Matt Carkner skates past the Rangers bench.
Matt Carkner skates past the Rangers bench.

Did Ottawa Senators' defenseman Matt Carkner flick blood at the New York Rangers bench during last night's game?

Players on the Rangers bench allege that Carkner did just that as he skated off the ice after his first-period fight with Derek Boogaard.

"He just skated by, wiped his brow twice, maybe three times and just flicked (the blood) at us. I don't know why, but that's what happened," New York's Brian Boyle reportedly said after the game. "I was really surprised."

Carkner, who was bleeding from a cut over the left eye, denies the allegations and says he was mystified as to why he was given a misconduct penalty on top of his fighting major.

“I don’t even know who was bleeding at the time," he said. "I saw Boogaard was bleeding on the ice. I was just trying to skate off and get our guys going.”

“The (linesman) said he had to give me a 10 and I’m like, ‘Why?’ He said they were complaining. I don’t know, I just got in a fight with a big guy and the adrenalin was rushing. I tried to get off the ice and they were chirping me.”

Video of the incident clearly shows Carkner wiping his face and making hand motions towards the Rangers bench.  Whether he actually flicked blood or was simply making some kind of intimidation motion at the opposing players is unclear.

"Maybe I made a gesture or something like that," Carkner said in his defence.

No statement has been released by the NHL pertaining to any investigation into the event.


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