Willie Anderson to Sign with Ravens

Bleacher Report Senior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008

And no, Ravens fans, it's not Derek Anderson. Read it and weep.

Willie Anderson told NFL.com today that he will sign a three-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens worth around $11 million.

Yesterday, Anderson watched the Ravens practice and then went to his Atlanta, Georgia home.

"It's cool. The organization was real cool. I was kind of nervous."

Anderson is now reunited with Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson. Jackson was the Bengals' wide receivers coach while Anderson played for them.

"When Hue took me down into the locker room, I was nervous to feel the guys. Then I saw Ray Lewis, Lorenzo Neal, Chris McAlister running at me to greet me, I felt at home."

The Bengals wanted to re-sign Anderson to a deal worth $1.5 million, and then $1.8 million. He refused both offers and his contract was terminated.