Kenny Britt Sends Message To Head Coach on Vince Young

Jordan HeckContributor IIIDecember 10, 2010

Britt sends a message to his head coach and the organization.
Britt sends a message to his head coach and the organization.

There was a lot of controversy after Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young showed his displeasure with the team before he was placed on injured reserve.

Young reportedly threw his shoulder pads into the stands and stormed out of the locker room following a loss when he was injured. Young felt he was good enough to go back into the game, he became frustrated and skipped out on the required press conference after the game. He later tweeted an apology to his teammates and texted Jeff Fisher an apology, because ya know…that’s  the most effective way of apologizing. Anyways, it became clear that Fisher did not like Young and he especially did not like his attitude. It appeared that both Fisher and Young could not work together. So rumor-mill workers like Mike Florio started stirring things up and there became chit-chat of Titans owner Bud Adams having to pick either Fisher or Young when the season was over.

If Adams wants a players coach, then he probably should have taken a look at Kenny Britt’s towel from Thursday Night’s game. Britt used his first game back from injury to send a message of which person he is in favor of.

As if the Titans didn’t have enough drama already this season. It’s one thing to support your quarterback but it’s another to write his initials on your gameday towel. It’s bad enough that your team lost at home in a game that could have potentially put you back in the playoff race. Now your team is finished and will have to deal with your antics of supporting the quarterback that your head coach does not like. All this is doing is just stirring things up, and that is not what the Titans need right now.