Mats Sundin, Please, It's Not Even Funny Anymore

Miah D.Senior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008

Rumor has it that Chris Chelios has agreed to a one-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings. To me, he reminds me of a good kid who has done his homework. I even feel like buying him an ice-cream.

Not that I am a big Red Wings fan stuck in a Canadiens jersey (although Chelios is a hero of mine), but it has just gotten to the point where I greatly admire players who care enough to make up their minds before the actual start of the season.

Yes, I guess you see where I am going here.

"I will not make up my mind before the season starts, that's how I feel right now."

Indeed, hockey is all about feelings. When players like Brisebois have to wait the whole summer for their future to be decided by other players, it is because he too does feel like waiting.

Bob Gainey also feels like putting everything on hold in the whole organization, and Carbonneau feels like waiting before having his lineups ready so he can mess it all up when Sundin finally comes in. Just for the feeling of it.

Sundin is probably pushing on everybody's nerves to make the final decision go unnoticed. But frankly, why doesn't he just say whatever the heck he wants to say and let everybody move on with their lives.

I have all possible respect for the player and I believe you all do too. But taking a look at how the Montreal Canadiens are trying to move in a small amount of time just reminds us how far this has actually gotten. Too far.

We got it by now. He is taking his hockey career really to heart and I could give him a medal just for that.

"I can understand," says Carbonneau, "but we are already in September."

For Pierre Boivin, it impacts at the level of the whole NHL itself. "It is the whole system that has stopped now. There will be a domino effect when he will make his decision. There are players who are on the sideline."

But those players do not count as much as Mats Sundin I believe. Among them, Patrice Brisebois. And in the Brisebois equation, Mathieu Schneider. And in the Schneider equation, the Anaheim Ducks and their salary cap.

Even the most patient human being this world could have ever created, Bob Gainey, seems to start looking outside the window. Talking with Brisebois, looking at the others center forwards, he did not bother to go to Toronto on Friday to meet the Swedish superstar. "If he comes by Montreal and wants to talk to me, I will welcome him with pleasure."

I don't think there are any other truths than this: Forget about Mats Sundin. What am I saying? That is not news to anyone.

This is what it means to be a great hockey player? Ignoring deadlines and team building requirements? This is the current NHL, watching and doing nothing? This is what it means to be Patrice Brisebois, Mathieu Schneider and others, waiting and coping?

At least, he is getting better in Poker. He might be wasting everybody's time, but surely not his. Oh sweet.