Doubting Thomas

Tom KerestesCorrespondent IMay 15, 2006

IconHow, then, could buying out Larry Brown's contract and turning over the coaching reins to Zeke be considered a step in the right direction?


Well, it’s simple. Thomas becomes the head coach in 2006-07, after an off-season in which the Knicks forfeit their lottery pick (thank you, Eddie Curry) and sign Kenyon Martin and Alonzo Mourning to inflated contracts. Much like Pat Riley, Thomas will then be completely responsible for the team he single-handedly assembled. 


Still, you may be thinking, how is all of this a step in the right direction? Bear with me. 


During last year's joke of a season, the media constantly blamed Larry Brown for his inability to handle players.  All the while, Isiah hid in the background and watched. But when Thomas becomes the head coach, he’s not going to have that luxury. 


Isiah will be talked about not only as the GM, but also as the head coach of a terrible team. And it won’t be long before Knicks fans, the media, and finally James Dolan realize that the blame for what the Knicks are today should fall on the shoulders of Isiah Thomas. 


I can only hope that at this point, he will finally be fired. Hopefully, a new general manager will shed some of the ridiculously inflated salaries, create cap room, and even make New York a place where good players want to play. If they are really lucky, maybe that person will do it all in time for the Knicks to offer Lebron James the New York City spotlight.  


Only then will the Knicks have the opportunity to rebuild the image they once had: more Charles Oakley, less Starbury. Like I said, finally, a step in the right direction.