Ryder Cup Wrestling: A New Idea For a PPV in the WWE Calender

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Ryder Cup Wrestling: A New Idea For a PPV in the WWE Calender

I remember growing up, that every wrestling PPV had a theme. In your House, Revenge of the Taker, Ground Zero, Good Friends/Better Enemies are just some examples. Even the major wrestling events had a general thematic approach like Wrestlemania IX and its Roman tribute at Caesar's Palace.

I cant help but feel that in recent years wrestling events have become a little generic. And before people complain, I don't mean that they have become poor in quality, just that some events do not have any theme or tradition to them

Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam and Survivor Series are steeped in history.

Bragging Rights is a basic inter-promotional event.

TLC and HIAC are based on specific matches

But what of the remainder?

There is no real attachment to these events and while I don't feel that every PPV or match should have a gimmick, maybe the WWE should be bolder in some of its ideas.

And so what I have presented in this slideshow, is a Ryder Cup themed PPV where America takes on the World. Would it work?

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