Ryder Cup Wrestling: A New Idea For a PPV in the WWE Calender

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIIDecember 10, 2010

Ryder Cup Wrestling: A New Idea For a PPV in the WWE Calender

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    I remember growing up, that every wrestling PPV had a theme. In your House, Revenge of the Taker, Ground Zero, Good Friends/Better Enemies are just some examples. Even the major wrestling events had a general thematic approach like Wrestlemania IX and its Roman tribute at Caesar's Palace.

    I cant help but feel that in recent years wrestling events have become a little generic. And before people complain, I don't mean that they have become poor in quality, just that some events do not have any theme or tradition to them

    Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam and Survivor Series are steeped in history.

    Bragging Rights is a basic inter-promotional event.

    TLC and HIAC are based on specific matches

    But what of the remainder?

    There is no real attachment to these events and while I don't feel that every PPV or match should have a gimmick, maybe the WWE should be bolder in some of its ideas.

    And so what I have presented in this slideshow, is a Ryder Cup themed PPV where America takes on the World. Would it work?

Match Number One: Santino and Koslov s. Health Slater and David Otunga

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    World Tag Titles

    In the absence of any other recognised tag team, I chose to create a Nexus group destined to be defeated. Note the absence of Justin Gabriel. The South African flyer will appear later. And although Santino is from New Jersey as opposed to the old country, he will represent Italia on this night.

    A little comedy to start, and a successful title defense both warms the crowd up and gives the World a 1-0 start. After all, which American would deprive Santino a victory over Nexus?

    World 1 - 0 America

Drew McIntrye vs. Daniel Bryan

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    Heel against Face, and true to form, the face wins again to tie the score for the American team. Certainly, the push of McIntryre has stalled in recent times and a match against the popular American would likely end in a defeat for the sinister Scot.

    I can't help but wonder whether McIntyre might benefit from a face turn. Accusations of favouritism together with a lack of direction might allow him room for a change. Maybe a prolonged run on Smackdown's undercard and Superstars might facilitate some momentum for Drew.

    World 1 - 1 America 

Justin Gabriel vs. John Morrison

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    On paper, two of the most exciting superstars to watch. Both aerial tacticians. This could be one of those matches that steals the show. Since his arrival, I have been very encouraged by Gabriel and his move-set. He has great potential and against an improving JoMo, this match could be a fine spectacle.

    The winner? Hard to call really with both superstars requiring momentum as single competitors. Allowing for Nexus involvement, I'd tip Gabriel for the win, although it would be a travesty for a dirty win in what could be a classic.

    World 2 - 1 America 

Evan Bourne vs. Yoshi Tatsu

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    One of those feel good face versus face matches that start and end with a gentlemanly handshake. Two high flyers putting it all on the line, but slightly more chaotic than the previous match. Likely to be a quick match with Bourne providing an equaliser for the American team.

    These superstars ask the WWE the question of whether a Cruiserweight title should be restored. I, for one, feel that it should.

    World 2 - 2 America

Fatal Four Way: Christian, Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena

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    Four of the most popular superstars and two each from Canada and the US. A winner again would be hard to call but you would sense a win for one of the Americans is likely. A series of close calls and finishing moves would also be expected in order to give this match the reception it deserves. Some might like Christian to get the pin and a much sought after push, but its unlikely. Sorry peeps

    World 2 - 3 America

Big Show And Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez

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    It will surely happen, Rodriguez will have a match at some point and he surely deserves his chance. Alberto has been a sensation since arriving and he has a claim to be Rey's successor in terms of the Mexican market, albeit as a heel. This match is a fan favorite match, but just to keep it interesting, let's allow for some cheap tricks and Alberto to claim a victory to tie it at 3-3.

    World 3 - 3 America

Undertaker vs. Sheamus vs. Triple H

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    Pic courtesy of Sheamus O'Shaunessy.com
    Pic courtesy of Sheamus O'Shaunessy.com

    Main Event of the evening and the deciding match in the PPV. Undertaker perhaps as an American Bad Ass takes on Dublin's own Sheamus and the Game, HHH. It would have to be a good match in order to justify Sheamus' promotion to the main event, though Undertaker and Hunter would help ensure this.

    A win for the Taker and the hoisting of the American flag is perhaps a given but it ends the PPV in the American favour at 4-3.

    Final Score and Bragging Rights for America:

    World 3 - 4 America

And So....

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    In addition to a possible PPV event, what I hope this slideshow also demonstrates is the truly global phenomenon of wrestling; from Canada to Japan to Scotland to Ireland to Mexico. Honorary mentions must of course go to England's William Regal, Northern Ireland's Fit Finlay, Hornswoggle, and India's Great Khali to name just a few.

    Other possibilities could see Bret Hart once again lead a Canadian faction or Hulk Hogan or Jim Duggan lead a nationalist crusade. OK, maybe not Hogan but you see the point.

    The PPV has the potential to not only showcase the world's talent but also liven up a PPV once a year with the destination going around the world and taking PPV quality matches to a larger audience.

    Thanks for viewing. What do you think of the concept and the matches? Feel free to leave your thoughts.