NFL 2008 Week 1 Predictions

Drake EckCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2008

Week 1 Predictions:
WAS @ NYG (7:00 PM)-Two talented teams facing of in the most anticipated game of every year...the Season Opener. What a great way to start of the season. Almost two perfectly matched teams. NO ONE likes to start off a season 0-1, and that is exactly why both of these teams are going to be "fighting till the death"...when all said and done this is a great match up, but im going to have to give this one to the New York Football Giants. With the momentum coming of the Superbowl, Eli feeling confidant, there defense pretty prepared to play this (Despite the fact that the Giants Pro Bowl Defensive End is gone) young Redskins offense, and the fact they have home field advantage. The Giants take this one.

Final Score
NYG: 35
WSH: 24

MVP: Eli Manning 19-29, 3 TDs, 1 INT, 113 Passing Yards

CIN @ BAL(1:00 PM)-Ahhh...what do you know two crappy teams going head to head trying to prove something when there really not proving anything. Both of these teams will have dreadful years but im giving this one to the Ravens. Having a better defense, a by far better HB, and a decent QB the Ravens will pull this one off.

Final Score
BAL: 20
CIN: 13

MVP:Yamon Figurs 9 Rec., 1 TD, 1 KR TD, 45 Rec. Yards

SEA @ BUF (1:00 PM)-This game is going to possibly be the most lopsided game of the week. Seattle is going too completely over power Buffalo. Seattle having the better QB, the better Receiving Core, the better HB, the better Defense, the better Special Teams, and the better Overall Team...Seattle dominates Buffalo in there home stadium(Ultimate Momentum Killer)

Final Score
SEA: 45
BUF: 10

MVP:Deion Branch 12 Rec., 5 TDs, 102 Rec. Yards

TB @ NO(1:00 PM)-One of the greatest games of the year. A fantastic offense vs a fantastic defense. New Orleans having Drew Brees, Deuce McAllister, Reggie Bush, Marcus Colston, David Patten, Patrickt Carney, Jeremy ShocketMike McKenzie, Charles Grant, Kendrick Clancy, Sedric Ellis, Will Smith, Randall Gay, Jason David, Scott Shanle, Jonathan Vilma, Roman Harper, and Kevin Kaesviharn.Tampa Bay on the other hand having Tanard Jackson, Jermaine Phillips, Barrett Ruud, Derrick Brooks, Jovan Haye, Chris Hovan, Cato June, Gaines Adams, Phillip Buchanon, Rodney Barber, Kevin Carter, Jeff Garcia, Earnest Graham, Joey Galloway, Alex Smith, and Ike Hillard. Two completely evenly matched teams. Tampa Bay having top 10 defense and New Orleans having top 10 offense. This game will come down to the final minute. Tampa Bay has a great defense but New Orleans offense will prevail. New Orlean takes this one narrowly.

Final Score
TB: 24
NO: 28

MVP: Reggie Bush 9 Carries, 77 Rushing Yard, 1 rushing TD, 6 Rec., 1 Rec. TD, 42 Rec. Yds

NYJ @ MIA(1:00 PM)-Brett Farves very first NFL Regular Season game with the Jets. One of the most anticipated games of the year, to see how Brett will do in his first game with the Jets, to see if he will be any good in the new system. One Mediocre Team (being the New York Jets) facing a Bad team (being the Miami Dolphins). In my mind Brett Farves first NFL game with the Jets will turn out very successful. Brett Farve lead the Jets to a victory.

Final Score
NYJ: 28
MIA: 17

MVP: Brett Farve 22-36, 3 TDs, 119 Passing Yards

KC @ NE(1:00 PM)-A top 10 WORST TEAM vs top 3 BEST TEAM. One of the most lopsided games of the week. Kansas City doesn't have a QB and doesn't have a all. New England on the other hand, has a QB (Tom Brady), good HBs (Laurence Maroney and Kevin Faulk), WRs (Randy Moss,Wes Welker,Jabar Gaffeney), a TE (Ben Watson), and the 5th ranked best defense(Mike Vrabel, Teddy Bruschi, Anthony Thomas, Ellis Hobbs, Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, Ty Warren, Terrence Wheatley, Jerod Mayo, Rodney Harrison, and James Sanders). The Patriots take this one BIG.

Final Score
KC: 3
NE: 49

MVP: Tom Brady 34-41, 5 TDs, 213 Passing Yards

STL @ PHI (1:00 PM)- Philadelphia will be a very successful this year...but I think this game will shock many people. I think Philly will still pull off a win but not very convincingly. The Rams will prove to the Eagles and the whole NFL that there more than they think they are. Stephen Jackson will have a big game in this one, and Marc Bulger and Torry Holt will help , but Philly will still prevail, DeSean Jackson having a big game and Westbrook having a good game as well. Philly narrowly pulls this one off

Final Score
STL: 28
PHI: 38

MVP:DeSean Jackson 8 Rec., 2 TDs, 1 PR TD, 55 Rec. Yards

DET @ ATL(1:00 PM)-The first game of the season for what most people say the worst team in the NFL is..the Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons literally have nothing. They don't have a QB that there for sure on, they don't a HB, an O-Line, WRs, they don't have a Defense...they don't have anything. I see Roy Williams having a big game in this one. The Lions beat the Falcons easily.

Final Score

MVP:Roy Williams 6 Rec., 2 TDs, 97 Rec. Yards

HOU @ PIT(1:00 PM)-This shockingly I think will be a pretty good game. Houston is that kinda team that you think will easily lose but then they will just completely shock you. Pittsburgh will beat Houston. Willie Parker will have a big game against Houston, and will light up the scoreboard. Pittsburgh wins this one.

Final Score

MVP:Willie Parker 10 Carries, 2 TDs, 109 yds, 1 Rec. TD

JAC @ TEN(1:00 PM)-Ahh...finally a rivalry....a good one at that. Tennessee and Jacksonville face off in two of the best games of the year. You never know who is going to win in this one, and especially since its there first game of the season(equal momentum). Tennessee is a pretty mediocre team, I think Vince Young will have a pretty good year, and that Lendale White will have an OK year. On the other hand Jacksonville has a very good QB in David Garrard(only threw 3 INT last year..tops in the league). They have a great defense, good receivers, and they have a great 1-2 punch at running back(Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor). Tennessee is a somewhat talented team, but I think they don't have a chance against Jacksonville. I see Jones-Drew and Garrard having big games in this one. Jaguars win big.

Final Score

MVP:David Garrard 13-22, 2 TDs, 1 Rushing TD, 14 Rushing Yards, 122 Passing Yards

DAL @ CLE(4:15 PM)-This to me will be one of the greatest games of the year. One talented team against(Cleveland) against one EXTREMELY talented team(Dallas). Dallas has got a good QB(Tony Homo...excuse me..ROMO), good WR core(Terrell Owens and Patrick Crayton), good HB(Marion Barber), good TE(Jason Witten), and a great defense(Roy Williams, Tank Johnson, Terrence Newman etc. etc.). Cleveland has a good QB(Derek Anderson), a darn good WR(Braylon Edwards), who I believe is the best TE in the league(Kellen Winslow Jr.) and an OK HB(Jamal Lewis). Both of these teams are talented, but Dallas will proove to be the better team and start out the season 1-0.

Final Score

MVP:Tony Romo 17-26, 4 TDs, 167 Passing Yards

CAR @ SD(4:15 PM)-San Diego enters the season with that upsetting playoff lose in the AFC Championship last year, I think they are ready to play another meaningful football game. They have got good...I mean GREAT HBs (LT, Darren Sporles, and Jacob Hester), a talented WR(Chris Chambers), a great TE (Antonio Gates), a great FB (Lorenzo Neil) and a great defense who lead the league in take aways last year(Shawne Merriman, Stephen Cooper, Matthew Wilhelm, Shaun Phillips, Antonio Cromartie, Quentin Jammer, Luis Castillo, Jamal Williams, Clinton Hart, and Eric Weddle) On the other hand Carolina was bad last year...and keeps getting worse. The Steve Smith injury, Jake Delhomme is getting old..yes Jonathan Stewart is a good addition to the team, but you have to remember he is only a rookie. San Diego is a very very good team and will give the Panthers a lose they won't forget.

Final Score

MVP:LT 12 Carries, 2 TDs 131 yds and Antonio Cromartie 2 INTs, 1 INT TD

ARI @ SF(4:15 PM)-Not either one of these teams are good. Arizona not having the best of QBs, having a horrible O-Line, at best an OK HB, not what you would call a great defense, but very good WRs(one which is demanding a trade). Then you have San Francisco. Not a great QB, not the best receiving core, not the best O-Line, a BAD defense, but a very good HB. Both of these teams have on thing they rely on. Arizona relies on Larry Fitzgerald and Anquian Boldin(who might be gone by the start of this season) and San Francisco who relies on the HB, Frank Gore. Neither of these teams are very good, but I see San Francisco coming out with a win in this one...but not very convincingly.

Final Score

MVP:Frank Gore 9 Carries, 2 TDs, 98 yds

CHI @ IND(8:15 PM)- Finally, the game I have been waiting for. The Colts first regular season game in the Lucas Oil Stadium, and against non other than the team we, I just have to say it, KILLED in the Super Bowl. Yes Manning is coming off of a 6 week injury. WHATEVER I don't care if he is coming off an injury he is still one of the best if not the best QB EVER. We Have Harrison back, we have Wayne (as always), we have a more comfortable Anthony Gonzalez, top 5 HB Joseph Addai, 4th Ranked best defense this year, and we have got a top 5 TE. Then the Bears have absolutely no QB, a great defense that has just completely fallen apart (26th in the NFL last year), crappy WRs, and a rookie HB. All the bears got is Devin Hester. I see the Bears giving the Colts a better game than what most people thought, but the Colts still win pretty big here.

Final Score

MVP:Peyton Manning 24-36, 3 TDs, 132 Passing Yards


MIN @ GB(7:00 PM)-Aaron Rodgers first ever game starting in the NFL. There is alot a pressure on the poor guy, and it is all because of one thing, Brett Farve is gone. The Packers are not going to be anywhere as good as they were last year. I don't think the Packers were good cause of Brett Farve last year, I honestly think it was a fluke, I AM TIRED OF HEARING BRETT FARVES NAME, there I said it. I don't think Aaron Rodgers will be as good as Brett Farve, I don't think he will lead the Packers to victories like Brett Farve "lead" them. I want him to do all that, but I don't think he will. The Packers are an OK team with a non- experienced QB, a very bad HB, a veteran WR, and an OK defense. Then there's the Vikings. Who have a pretty good QB, a fantastic HB, OK Wide Receivers, a good O-Line, and an absolutely DOMINANT defense. The Vikings will take this one.

Final Score

MVP:Adrian Peterson 10 Carries, 3 TDs, 82 yds

DEN @ OAK(10:15 PM)-A game I don't even want to talk about. Two very bad teams playing each other. The Broncos are bad, the Raiders are bad. Enough said.

Final Score

MVP:Champ Bailey 1 INT, 1 INT TD, 55 INT Yards

Week Awards:
Best Game of the Week-Dallas vs Cleveland
Worst Game of the Week-Denver vs Oakland
Toilet Bowl Game of the Week-Detroit vs Atlanta
Most Surprising Game of the Week-St. Louis vs Philadelphia
Blow Out Game of the week-Kansas City vs New England
MVP(s) of the Week-Deion Branch 12 Rec., 5 TDs, 102 Rec.






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