LeBron James' South Beach Home: The Most Elaborate Mansions In Sports

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistDecember 9, 2010

LeBron James' South Beach Home: The Most Elaborate Mansions In Sports

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    LeBron James' South Beach home makes him the least lavish of the newly minted big three.

    That doesn't mean he didn't shell out some major cash for his new crib.

    James purchased a $9 million mansion situated in the Coconut Grove section of Miami overlooking beautiful Biscayne Bay.

    Complete with a wine cellar, home theater and the standard guesthouse, the estate features all of the fancy frills of celebrity living.

    Compared to some of the other mansions throughout the world of sports, it's actually pretty ordinary.

    Here's a look at 20 of the most expensive and elaborate mansions in sports.

No. 20: Ronaldo Does It Right

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    How does Ronaldo lure all those lovely ladies into his chambers?

    His spacious crib, complete with all the usual excessive amenities, certainly helps his chances...

No. 19: Derek Jeter's Castle On The Coast

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    Jeter has stacked enough chips during his glorious Major League career to afford just about anything.

    He is working to complete a 22,000-square-foot castle on the Davis Islands off the Western Coast of Florida.

    It must be nice to be overpaid...

No. 18: Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Have a Custody Issue

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    So, who will get custody of this house?

    Eva and Tony were in the middle of constructing a ridiculous mansion when their relationship came to an end.

    Work began on the crib in 2008, and it's so massive that it isn't even finished yet.

No. 17: Wayne Rooney's Garden of Paradise

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    The feisty Rooney calls Cheshire, England home and spends his days wandering through about six acres of manicured gardens.

    The exact cost of the property has been up for debate, but there is no doubt it cost a pretty penny.

    Those footballers really have it made...

No. 16: Todd MacCulloch's Garage Filled With Toys

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    You remember MacCulloch, the overpaid center who was a decent player until injury problems derailed his NBA career.

    What can you do with $34 million?

    Buy tons and tons of pinball machines.

    MacCulloch has a mansion in Washington, featuring an eight-car garage filled entirely with pinball machines.

    His passion has led him to pursue a career as a professional pinball player.

No. 15: Matt Geiger's Party Spot

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    Sticking with the theme of slow-footed, overpaid NBA centers, Matt Geiger built one of the most incredible mansions you could ever imagine.

    Once his career ended, he tried to unload the property for around $20 million with no success.

    Geiger's Florida estate features a 38,000-square-foot main home including a DJ booth, theater and an enormous jacuzzi.

No. 14: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and The Wild, Wild, West

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    Junior's North Carolina home isn't overly impressive, but it's certainly pretty cool.

    As seen on MTV's Cribs several years ago, Little E has replicated an Old West town on his property, complete with some water buffalo and longhorn cattle.

    And, of course, a saloon...

No. 13: Magic Johnson's Peaceful Retreat

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    Magic has more money than he knows what to do with, but he did spend a small part of his fortune to purchase a California mansion.

    The small portion being $7.6 million.

    Amazingly, the estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean was purchased to be Magic's vacation home.

No. 12: Chris Bosh Cashes In

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    Since he makes as much money as legitimate superstars Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, Chris Bosh had no difficulty coming up with more than $12 million to purchase a home in Miami.

    The newly-constructed mansion features seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, along with an elevator.

    What can you possibly do with eight bathrooms?

No. 11: Carmelo Anthony Wants To Sell

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    If you thought eight bathrooms was absurd, you haven't seen anything yet.

    Carmelo Anthony's mansion in suburban Denver boasts a whopping 15 bathrooms.

    We knew Lala was high-maintenance, but that seems a bit excessive.

    Since he wants to get out of Colorado as soon as possible, 'Melo has put the house on the market.

    The bidding starts at just under $10 million.

No. 10: Deion Sanders Still Lives Like a Star

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    Neon Deion put his Texas mansion up for sale last year for a mere $21 million.

    That actually doesn't seem unreasonable for a 28,000-square-foot home complete with a large pool area, home theater and bowling alley.

No. 9: Dwyane Wade Thinks of Dogs First

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    The third member of the talented triumvirate in purchased a $10.6 million home within walking distance of Chris Bosh's crib in South Florida.

    Sure, it has a tennis court and a view of Biscayne Bay, but that isn't the most impressive feature.

    Incredibly, the home also comes with an air-conditioned doghouse.

    Talk about excessive...

No. 8: Michael Jordan's Golf Retreat

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    When you're Michael Jordan, 37,942 square feet is a modest size for a vacation retreat.

    MJ's Florida property is surrounded by elite golf courses and features basketball and tennis courts as well as a guesthouse.

    You can bet Charles Oakley pays his pal plenty of visits.

No. 7: A-Rod's Money Pit In Miami

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    A-Rod put his beautiful Coral Gables home on the market shortly after getting divorced.

    Two years later, it's still for sale.

    The slugger was initially asking for around $15 million, but has lowered the price to a meager $9.9 million.

    Based on the oceanfront view, it would probably be worth every penny.

No. 6: David Beckham's Beckingham Palace

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    Anytime you live in what is officially known as a palace, you really have it made.

    Beckham and Posh Spice have decided to sell Beckingham Palace, which is valued at somewhere around $20 million.

    Any takers?

No. 5: Tom Brady's California Dream

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    Tom Brady is married to one of the hottest and richest women in the world, but that's not all he has to be thankful for.

    He and Giselle began construction on a 22,000-square-foot home last year in Brentwood, Calif.

    With Arnold Schwarzenegger living just down the street, they should have plenty of opportunities to hold fantastic block parties.

No. 4: LeBron's Compound In Ohio

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    LeBron constructed a 35,000-square-foot home near his native Akron, complete with beautiful fountains, a casino and a barber shop.

    Apparently, Ohio's native son has no immediate plans to part ways with his offseason home.

No. 3: Evander Holyfield's House Of Pain

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    Just look at that thing...

    Why do you need a house with 109 rooms?

    You don't.

    That didn't stop Evander from building a museum of sorts for himself outside of Atlanta.

    The cost of construction caused him to take out numerous loans, leading to multiple foreclosures.

    With his financial problems mounting, it's no wonder he kept on returning to the ring.

No. 2: Michael Jordan's Humble North Carolina Home

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    Even after his $168 million divorce settlement, Michael Jordan still was absolutely loaded.

    His North Carolina mansion provides everything you could ever ask for, including a putting green right outside the door.

    Those humble beginnings in Wilmington are all but a distant memory now.

No. 1: Tiger Woods Moves On

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    Tiger is moving on from his Orlando estate, where his life began to unravel.

    In addition to purchasing a lavish bachelor pad in New York City, he is preparing to move to an Jupiter Island mansion he purchased for a cool $44 million in 2007.

    In addition to the usual assortment of practice areas, the estate will also include one of those strange oxygen rooms.

    Anything to help himself find that elusive inner peace...