Enough Is Enough: Why Playoffs are Bad For College Football

RyanCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2007

I am not sure where to begin...

Is it just me, or is everyone else tired of the ongoing debates over playoffs or no playoff, or this team is more deserving than that team. I think we need to get our eye back on the ball.

If anyone had the pleasure to watch the Motor City Bowl, then I think it is clear the Bowls work. I don't know that I ever would have heard of the Central Michigan Chippewas QB had I not tuned in. This kid's numbers are Tebow-like.

Playoff? No way, I am entirely too happy to be able to give the kids who pour their heart and soul into the season a great reward. With a playoff, you take away all the Bowls, especially the ones that matter to the smaller programs.

What has happened here is that the fans of big programs just aren't satisfied if they don't get into the National Championship. I am certain that Central Michigan, BYU,  Boise State, and some of the other smaller programs are thrilled to be in a Bowl game and have the privilege of enjoying all their hard work.

If you decided on an eight game playoff, it would have to be across the 1A board. You can't just have the best eight or 16 or whatever number of teams, and then leave the rest of the 103 teams out. How ridiculous does that seem?

I would never—in a million years—trade the Boise State vs. Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl for anything. I have too many great memories from the Bowl games throughout the years.  Along the way, I have learned about lesser known teams I would never have watched in a playoff system.

I love the Bowl Championship Series. Isn't the real issue here who's conference is better? Let's pull our heads out of our fourth-point-of-contact Conference Presidents and play an SEC vs. Big 10 challenge, or a Pac 10 vs. Big 12 showdown in August and September to help settle this on the field. That way, you can better decide a champion, because they will have all played each other. 

Enough is Enough: just enjoy the games!