Management: It's A Mug's Game, Ain't It Kev?

Andrew McNairSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008

No wonder there is so much emphasis on coaches and managers attaining their UEFA A licence these days, as not only will they have to coach their chosen side but also any old player the problematic chairman/ owner throws in too.

Football management has gone to the dogs, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Let's start at the top, with the seemingly yearly increase in team affairs of over zealous club chairman and owners.

Happy to wield the managerial axe in a heart beat, and for basically any reason. Jose Mourinho left Chelsea for lots of reasons but one was that they weren't winning pretty enough. And I thought winning was everything?

Then they fired Avram Grant because he wasn't Jose Mourinho!

Today new boss "Big Phil" Scolari said he was angry and disappointed over the Robinho saga. Welcome to Chelski I say.

Milan Mandaric fired three coaches last season and don't get me started on the situation at Hearts in Scotland, where Vladimir Romanov thinks he can pick the team.

It's all out of control.

Just yesterday Alan Curbishley walked out on West Ham United and quite rightly so!

He'd just guided the London club to their best start in the English Premier League in nine seasons. How was he rewarded?

They sold his left back George McCartney to Sunderland on transfer deadline day, just a few days after selling fellow defender Anton Ferdinand to the same club.

A rival club I might add.

All this between being criticised by the board, certain players, and the fans!

I read one fan's comment on Sky Sports News blasting Curbishley for being an idiot and selling their best defenders.

What hole did that moron climb out of?

Alan Curbishley had the rug swept from under him.

Did he cause a major fuss? Nope.

As I said, he guided the depleted side to their best start in nine years and said goodbye and good luck.

I salute Alan Curbishley, who had this to say, "The club continued to make significant player decisions without involving me. In the end such a breach of trust and confidence meant I had no option but to leave."

To the West Ham board I say you are a let down to football, and whoever you bring in to replace Alan will still be minus two defenders, have a squad full of overpaid crocks and four months until January.

Slavan Bilic (committed to Croatia), Harry Redknapp (unhappy at Portsmouth but not dumb enough to head home), Stuart Pearce (no thanks) so that leaves Paulo Di Canio and Sam Allardyce.

Whoever takes it is a mug as far as I'm concerned.

So what about Newcastle United and the Kevin Keegan saga?

Kevin Keegan has resigned.

Very similar to the West Ham United saga, Keegan is rightly upset that the club were trying to sell Michael Owen behind his back!

His best and most marketable player.

King Kev hasn't been at training in two days, and was apparently waiting on answers to a list of his complaints.

One of which being Dennis Wise.

What he does apart from cause distress within Newcastle United football club I don't know. He's got nothing on Keegan, managerial or player wise and no wonder KK doesn't want to answer to him.

Peter Kenyon, Rick Parry and the likes are bad enough but Dennis Wise.

It's a joke.

Why can't a manager just manage his way on his terms with his neck on the line?

Not someone else's players on someone else's terms and still his neck on the line, usually even quicker!

The more people there are in a management structure, the bigger chance there is of clashes and failure.

It's not rocket science.

Who tells Sir Alex Ferguson what to do?

I'll tell you.

Sir Alex Ferguson.

How were Manchester United rewarded last season for letting Sir Alex Ferguson do his job.

I'll tell you.

The English Premier League and Europe's greatest prize. The UEFA Champions League!

I'm sure you get my drift.

Manchester City have been bought over by a billionaire and they are loving it. Every other club in the league now wants one, especially Liverpool. The most ungrateful bunch of fans in the league.

How long though until he sticks his head into club affairs? A month? The first defeat?

Even sadder was Bill Kenwright last night putting Everton up for sale as he is fed up competing with billionaires, as they make him feel like a pauper.

Everton are a well run club who have stayed extremely loyal to their manager David Moyes—who in return has stayed loyal to Everton despite the lack of resources available.

That really does seem like the "dark ages" now doesn't it?

Another thing managers have to deal with on a daily basis is player power and the daily increase of premadonnas.

I'd never last in management, as I'd bench anyone who spoke back to me or disrespected me or the club.

These day's it's the opposite. A manager has to kiss ass and can't criticise a player or he'll go in a huff and not give 100%.

Even Sir Alex got out- manoeuvred by Cristiano Ronaldo this summer!

Not on my watch I'll tell you!

Last but not least we have the fans.

The fans are professional football. Without them there is no professional football, but what a pity you don't need a qualification to be one.

I've already mentioned the West Ham situation and the complete ignorance of that fan shouting his mouth off.

Having grown up on the west coast of Scotland I know all about ignorant fans and I refuse to listen to radio phone-ins as they make me sick and angry.

Who get's the brunt of all that ignorance?

The manager.

Anyone still fancy a career in football management?

I wish you luck.





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