NHL WAGs: 25 All-Star Hockey WAGs Off the Ice

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistDecember 9, 2010

NHL WAGs: 25 All-Star Hockey WAGs Off the Ice

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    NHL WAGs are some of the most attractive in all of sports, and I'm here to give you 25 of the hottest past and present WAGs.

    There's a large group to choose from and plenty of room for debate, so if you have any thoughts or comments, make sure to let them be known below.

    Who do you think is the sexiest WAG of them all?

No. 25: Janet Jones

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    You know we couldn't go through a list of NHL WAGs without mentioning the Great One's wife.

    Janet Jones is married to Wayne Gretzky, and if you ask fans of the Edmonton Oilers, they'll let it be known that they're not too fond of Jones, as she was blamed for why he wanted out of Edmonton in the middle of a dynasty to go to Los Angeles.

    Either way, she makes hockey pads look good.

No. 24: Tia Carrere

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    Tia Carrere is an NHL WAG with a bit of a naughty past.

    Carrere's second marriage ended because of an affair that she had with Tie Domi, who has played for Toronto, New York and Winnipeg.

    I guess she got better treatment than that fan who fell into the penalty box with Domi.

No. 23: Izabella Scorupco

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    Anytime you can land a woman featured in a James Bond movie, you've done a good job.

    Just ask Mariusz Czerkawski, who is a Polish hockey player who dated her for a period of time. She totally has that Bond villain look though.

    Good for him, even if most people have never heard of him.

No. 22: Kim Alexis

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    Kim Alexis is a former model that is married to Ron Duguay.

    Alexis was one of the top models of the 1980s and was the face of Revlon for a period of time before branching out.

    She did some film and TV work, and with a look like that, I'm sure she didn't have trouble finding jobs.

No. 21: Tara Reid

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    I can almost feel your outrage seeing her name. Let me explain.

    Yes, I know Tara Reid morphed from the pretty girl in the American Pie movies to a total train wreck of a celebrity. But can we really ignore her prime? If she was still that same person, she'd be a top three candidate on this list.

    Consider it a lifetime achievement sort of thing.

No. 20: Kellie Pickler

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    Kellie Pickler is a former American Idol contestant who also happened to date Jordin Tootoo of the Nashville Predators.

    Sure, she's had some work done, but that doesn't mean she's not attractive. I mean, look at her.

    I'm sure having her on his arm had Jordin not really caring about taunts from opposing fans about his name.

No. 19: Jessica Welch

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    Jessica Welch is the former wife of Richard Zednik and is a French-Canadian actress.

    The pair split in 2009 and have one daughter together.

    Yes, Zednik is the player who had his neck slashed by a skate on the ice and lost a lot of blood.

    That was a scary incident, and the Florida Panthers arranged to have her flown in to see him after that. Classy move.

No. 18: Angelica Bridges

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    Angelica Bridges is a model and actress but is also married to Sheldon Souray.

    Currently she's part of a pop group named Strawberry Blonde, and I hope she'll forgive me if I never, ever listen to a note of their songs as long as I live.

    It just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

No. 17: Piritta Hannula

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    Piritta Hannula is the 2003 Miss Finland runner-up and the 2004 Miss Scandinavia.

    The lucky man who gets to call that his own is Niklas Hagman, who is married to the Scandinavian beauty.

    Some guys get all of the luck.

No. 16: Gia Allemand

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    Gia Allemand is a Maxim and Sports Illustrated model, and looking at her, it's clear to see why.

    I mean, curvy doesn't begin to describe her. I mean, just look at her.

    Allemand has been linked to Chris Campoli—he is a lucky, lucky man.

No. 15: Hilary Duff

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    Hilary Duff has set the hearts of many teenage boys on fire in the past, and now she's married to Mike Comrie.

    My oh my, how our little Lizzie McGuire has grown up.

    She recently admitted to sending racy text messages to her husband when he's on the road. Sometimes it just isn't fair.

No. 14: Amanda Vanderpool

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    Amanda Vanderpool was an Ice Girl for the Anaheim Ducks. You know, those pretty girls that teams have skate around and look nice for the fans.

    She has been linked to Ladislav Smid, who isn't a player who's been known for much except being part of the trade that brought Chris Pronger to Anaheim before he was dealt to Philadelphia.

    But looking at her, I'm sure he didn't mind being traded. Wow.

No. 13: Noureen DeWulf

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    Noureen DeWulf is an American actress of Indian descent and has been linked to Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller.

    She's had roles in numerous films, and with looks like that, I don't know why I haven't seen her in more movies. I'm sure that she can help keep Miller warm during those cold Buffalo nights.

    That would certainly help me get over losing the gold medal.

No. 12: Emma Andersson

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    Emma Andersson is a reality TV star.

    You might be wondering where you saw her and what show, but stop your thinking now. She's a Swedish reality TV star and the wife of Henrik Zetterberg.

    So he plays for the Red Wings and has a hot wife? Lucky, lucky man.

No. 11: Elena Dementieva

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    Elena Dementieva is a name you've probably seen on here before, especially in the tennis section of this site.

    However, she's here because she's been linked to Maxim Afinogenov, and he's a lucky man for dating this beauty.

    It doesn't really matter that she's not that successful.

No. 10: Melanie Collins

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    Melanie Collins is a sportscaster and has been linked to Scottie Upshall.

    As a fellow Penn State alum, I can't deny that I'm proud that my school has produced someone who looks like this.

    You've got to love Dear Old State.

No. 9: Amy McCarthy

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    Any time you can land a Playboy Cyber Girl, you've done pretty well for yourself.

    Just ask Dan Hinote, who landed Amy McCarthy as his wife. I don't know what it is about women and hockey players, but they seem to love them.

    It's making me rethink some of the decisions I've made in life.

No. 8: Anna Kournikova

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    Anna Kournikova was reportedly married to a hockey player back in the day.

    Just ask Sergei Fedorov, who said he was married to the tennis star for a brief period of time before the pair split.

    Maybe he could have taught her what it takes to be a champion.

No. 7: Kelly Carlson

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    Kelly Carlson is a famous actress, and I'm sure you've seen her on TV and in movies before, but did you also know she has been linked to Tie Domi?

    Seriously though, Tie Domi? What's up with that?

    Of all of the hockey players out there, he's been linked to two women on this list. Mind-boggling.

No. 6: Carrie Underwood

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    We all know who Carrie Underwood is.

    She's the famous country singer and winner of American Idol and is also married to hockey player Mike Fisher. The two have been together since 2008.

    Hey, at least it's better than Tony Romo. Am I right?

No. 5: Willa Ford

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    Someone please tell me that they remember Willa Ford's pop career.

    C'mon, someone has to—the song "I Wanna Be Bad" where she tried to come right out with the sexuality and the naughty girl image.

    Someone should have told her that you ease into that. However, it did help her with Mike Modano, who is her husband.

No. 4: Veronika Varekova

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    If you've ever flipped through a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, I'm sure that you've seen this WAG.

    Veronika Varekova is the former wife of Petr Nedved and has been in the swimsuit issue a whopping eight times.

    There's something to be said for that prolonged level of attractiveness.

No. 3: Rachel Hunter

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    While the older generations may know her for other reasons, we all know her as Stacy's mom.

    We all know that Fountains of Wayne song and the video where Rachel Hunter walked around being sexy the entire time.

    So does Jarret Stoll, who has been linked to Hunter in the past.

No. 2: Gena Lee Nolin

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    Anytime a girl is a Barker's Beauty, she's alright with me.

    Gena Lee Nolin used to be a part of the awesome game show The Price Is Right as one of Barker's Beauties before moving on to other endeavors.

    I'm sure Drew Carey wishes he was as lucky as Bob was. She was also married to hockey player Cale Hulse.

No. 1: Elisha Cuthbert

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    You really knew that there was no other choice for this spot.

    Elisha Cuthbert is an actress known for her role on the hit TV show 24 and her bit part in the awesome comedy Old School.

    She's also been involved with Sean Avery and most recently Dion Phaneuf.