Wrestlemania Outside America? Would Such a Concept Work For The WWE?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIDecember 9, 2010

For wrestling fans today, it is the greatest show of the year. Since the collapse of WCW and the disappearance of Starrcade, there is no other event quite like the March spectacular in terms of history, tradition and glamour.

It is arguable that if you haven't wrestled at Wrestlemania, you haven't quite made it yet as a superstar.

As we approach the end of the year, the Rumble to Mania storylines are beginning to materialise. Certainly fans of Triple H will no doubt look to the 30 man Rumble as a potential return date to begin a three month story with Sheamus.

The Undertaker may yet return in time, Cena-Nexus, Miz-Orton, Brock Lesnar? The possibilities are endless.

But what if this spectacle was held outside America?

The WWE is a truly global brand. Its tours are huge successes and nostalgic fans will no doubt remember Summerslam 1992 with great fondness. But since that time, although live events have come in the form of Raw and Smackdown, there has been a lack of major PPV coming to an arena outside North America.

The markets of the UK, Japan, Mexico and Europe are lucrative. The refurbished Wembley Stadium holds 90,000, the Nou Camp in Barcelona 100,000, whilst 'moderate' stadia like Munich's Allianz Arena holds 66,000.

With enough marketing, selling such a stadium and event would not be difficult.

And yet since 1992, it just has not happened.

Maybe its an economic consideration, taking a major sporting event outside America, may lead to some critics arguing that it is taking money out of the economy?

Maybe wrestling has become so inherently American in its modern form, that there is a risk that Wrestlemania won't some how be popular in another country?

Or maybe its just become so large an event that transferring it to another company only adds more cost and pressure to what is a massive project each year?

Whatever the truth, the WWE and TNA have tapped the power of the foreign market well in recent years. The very composition of the locker room these days will show a steady rise in European talent including Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Desmond Wolfe, and of course that German woman who is supposedly stalking Angelina Love.

The scenes of Wrestlemania are timeless. The massive crowd at Wrestlemania III are forever etched in the memories of those that were there.

And yet I cannot help but think that with a little planning, and a little courage, the WWE could yet again repeat the success of this event and that of Summerslam 1992, by taking its major events outside North America.

Even south of the border in Mexico, the success of Alberto and Rey would be enough to excite a flurry of interest. In Japan, India, and Australia as well.

Maybe Wrestlemania is just too American to risk being taken on the road. But what I do know is that if any PPV was to be held in Europe, this European wrestling fan would be first in line for a ticket.

And you know what, I wouldn't be the only one.