Hal Steinbrenner on the Yankees Budget

Bronx Baseball DailySenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2010

Over the late 90′s and early 21st century the Yankees payroll skyrocketed through the roof. Then George Steinbrenner started to take a back seat and he eventually relinquished control of the team in 2003, and since then the Yankees have been trying to reign things in.

Yes the Yankees still dominate the rest of baseball with a payroll constantly over $200 million and they’ll spend more in one year than some teams in a half decade. They have done a good job of keeping it from being a run away trade though.

Last year was probably the most strict we’ve seen the Yankees as they held the line at the cost of fan favorite Johnny Damon even after winning the World Series. This year it looks like we can expect more of the same.

Here is Hal Steinbrenner:

“I am a budget guy, but we got money to spend,” Steinbrenner said. “We have money coming off and we always put most all of it back and that’s what the fans expect. They expect us to build a good team every year and we are going to do that.”

The thing about the Yankees is that there are always exceptions:

“I’m always willing to entertain whatever anybody comes into my office and wants to talk about,” he added. “So is Hank. Hopefully that answers your question. But not always, no. Not always. It depends on how I feel, if I have my coffee yet today.”

So there you have it. The Yankees will again have a budget in 2011. It’s hard to tell what their final payroll will end up being, but it will probably be somewhere just north of $200 million. If they do sign Cliff Lee it will leave them with very little room for signing Carl Crawford. But as Hal himself said, he’s always willing to entertain an idea. If it makes sense that is.

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