Rooting For Mike Vick: MVP and Super Bowl Champ Is Within Reach

Mike Pendleton@MP2310Correspondent IDecember 9, 2010

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 02:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles throws a pass against the Houston Texans at Lincoln Financial Field on December 2, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

Even the judge that sent him to prison for 23 months is a rooting for Michael Vick. Sports Illustrated recently published an article in their weekly magazine with the title "It's O.K. To Cheer" without even reading the entire article, I agree, it is okay to cheer for Michael Vick.

Don't even count the 23 months that Vick spent in prison and it is still one of the best comebacks in the history of not just the NFL but sports in the entire world. Last year Vick looked horrible as his first season back playing with the Eagles. There was times where his timing with receivers was off, there was times where Vick wanted to run, but his feet weren't there yet and Vick ended up lucky if he got two yards.

Fast forward to the present, there is no one better in the NFL this year then Michael Vick. The NFL's second best passing leader behind Tom Brady has led the Eagles to the top in one of the NFL's most noticeable divisions, the NFC East. 

Tom Brady, that's the only quarterback with a better passer rating then Vick and he has three Super Bowl rings, two Super Bowl MVPs and countless of other records that he was breaking while Vick was spending time in prison for his participation with illegal dogfighting.

Take Vick the player out of the story now, lets look at Vick the person. He has a life-long commitment with the Humane Society to speak out against dogfighting in inner-city areas all across the United States. He's served his time and is given a second chance, with his second chance he has become a better person, a person who is starting to appreciate the talents and honor he has to play in the NFL. 

Vick is saying all the right things and playing the best football of his entire life and if I could vote for NFL's MVP he would have my vote in a heart beat. There's a reason he is leading the fan Pro Bowl voting over Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and that's because he deserves it.

If you are a Vick hater at least realize what this man has done to turn everything around, the Eagles have myself rooting for them to go to the Super Bowl and while my opinion doesn't matter there are many "experts" in the NFL who feel that with Vick the Eagles are serious contenders.

Back off the man, and let him have his second chance respect because the Eagles gave him one, and now Vick is paying them back in wins and gratitude.