Tiger Woods' Top 10 Gift List for the Holidays

Shane PattonCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2010

Tiger Woods' Top 10 Gift List for the Holidays

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    Every grown-up would love to go back in time and visit HO-HO to get all their wishes granted for the New Year (especially in this economy).

    After the year Tiger experienced, there's no doubt he would happily climb in the "way-back" machine and fix some of the "wrongs" in his life.

    The following is Tiger's wish list for this coming Holiday Season.

Wish No. 10: Less Alert Neighbors

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    If only Tiger's neighbors hadn't been so alert. Sure, a large Cadillac Escalade just ran into a tree in their front yard...but still, if only they hadn't heard.

    Tiger could have avoided the media circus...at least for a little while longer.

Wish No. 9: A New Cadillac Escalade

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    If Santa is granting all of Tiger's wishes, I'm sure a brand new Cadillac Escalade would make the list. Maybe a nice black one with custom rims and tan interior.

Wish No. 8: His Privacy Back

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    This wish should probably be number 1. Tiger seems to value his privacy more than anything else and I'm sure he would love the opportunity to have his private life hidden from public view once again.

Wish No. 7: Gatorade Endorsement

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    After losing a reported 100 million in his divorce, Tiger could use his prior endorsement deal with Gatorade to refill his bank account.

    Tiger is still an incredibly wealthy man, but nobody likes losing money...no matter the reason.

Wish No. 6: Another Celebrity Scandal

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    No offense to Mel or any other celebrity, but I'm sure Tiger would love another celebrity scandal to help take some media away from his every move.

    Tiger will always be a "big" story, but another A-Lister getting into an embarrassing situation would certainly help Tiger's privacy wishes.

    Another "Sugar Teets" episode should do the trick.

Wish No. 5: No More News Breaking Scandals By Anyone Associated With Him

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    Canadian “sports” doctor Anthony Galea, one time doctor of Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran, and Jose Reyes, was charged with distributing human growth hormone, smuggling, “introducing the unapproved drug Actovegin into innerstate commerce, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

    Tiger would love for everyone associated with him to keep it "clean" for awhile as he attempts to rebuild his professional image.

Wish No. 4: A Brand New Bowflex

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    It's been well documented that Tiger likes to work out. After losing 100 million dollars in his divorce, Tiger may need some help purchasing fitness equipment for his new bachelor pad.

    Maybe Santa could spring for a new Bowflex so Tiger can stay fit as he attempts his comeback in 2011.

Wish No. 3: To Return in 2011 As a Rap Star

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    It may be a long shot, but if Tiger could get anything for the Holiday's, maybe he would wish for a new identity for 2011.

    As a rapper Tiger's previous behavior would count as "notches" on his belt, not as strikes against him.

Wish No. 2: Only Play Tournaments In Vegas

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    If Tiger decides to embrace his new-found singleness, he could wish for every 2011 golf tournament to be held in Vegas.

    No sense in wasting all that money traveling, when he could simply work where he plays.

Wish No. 1: To Regain His Miraculous Form

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    There was a time when it appeared that Tiger could do no wrong with a golf club in his hand. After his up and down 2010 PGA season, Tiger may wish for only one thing...to have his incredible golf abilities back.

    It looks like Tiger is well on his way to regaining his "old" form, but there's now doubt that Tiger was on an amazing run and would love to dominate the world of golf all over again.

    After all, in this day and age, winning seems to cure all. Just look at the NFL's Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger.