Samoa Joe Can Definitely Succeed In WWE If Husky Harris Can

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IDecember 7, 2010

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe

With his contract expiring with TNA, there is a chance of Samoa Joe leaving the company.

In the past, whenever Joe's contract with TNA would expire, very few people expected him to be able to make the jump to WWE.

It wasn't so much because he's not talented enough; the question was whether Vince McMahon could look past his physique and see that he's one of the best overall performers in the business.

Now, though, there's a higher chance of it finally happening.

WWE called up Husky Harris not too long ago. He's now currently involved in the biggest storyline in WWE as a member of the Nexus. At 6'2", 295 pounds, Harris is far from what McMahon envisions his wrestlers to look like.

You're not going to be confusing Harris with Chris Masters, that's for sure.

If McMahon can make an exception for Harris, then he should be able to make an exception for a superior worker in Joe.

Joe would instantly increase the level of entertainment in the company. There would certainly be a lot more "match of the year" candidates once he's on board: Matches against CM Punk, William Regal and Bryan Danielson would garner the attention of the internet wrestling community.

Throw any of those matches on a pay per view, and there is guaranteed to be more interest.

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