Kiana Kim: Pete Rose's Trophy Girlfriend Poses For Sexy New Calendar

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 7, 2010

Kiana Kim: Pete Rose's Trophy Girlfriend Poses For Sexy New Calendar

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    Kiana Kim, Pete Rose's super sexy girlfriend, is releasing her newest calendar. So why not take this opportunity to stare at Charlie Hustle's lady in a purely appropriate manner. Thy shall not covet thy neighbor's chick. Unless of course my neighbor is serving a lifetime ban from baseball. 

    So as Kiana Kim drops her latest calendar so you can keep your appointments while looking at a hot woman, I am releasing my opus. A slide show dedicated to the hot, vivacious Ms. Kim. 

Kiana Kim

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    Kiana Kim is a Playboy model. I have always wanted to date one. The way you do it is become the best hitter in baseball, then age a lot. 

Kiana Kim: Up Close

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    Here is a promo video done by Kiana Kim. Not really much here, except for the hot girl that just blew me a kiss.

    My favorite part is where she almost forgot her website. What is your fave of the 15-second video? 

Kiana Kim: Age Difference

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    Pete Rose is 69. Kiana is 30. Yes, that is nearly 40 years apart. I imagine the only thing they have in common is they both eat food. 

Kiana Kim: Twitter

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    Kim has a Twitter account. I gather it's because she is a human living in 2010. Everyone has a Twitter account nowadays. You can follow her at @KianaKim. 

    It's the basic "where I have been and what I am doing" sort of thing. Flying to Cabo, hanging with Pete Rose, simple things like that. 

Kiana Kim: Website

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    You can visit her website at It's a great website, if you are into Kiana Kim and all. You can even buy her calendar, if you're into knowing the date and stuff. 

Kiana Kim: LA Native, Sort Of

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    Kim and her family moved from their home town of Seoul, South Korea, to Los Angeles when she was five. Los Angeles is officially flooded with ridiculously gorgeous women. 

Kiana Kim: ASU Sun Devil

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    Kiana Kim added to the already smoking student body at Arizona State University. There she received a bachelor's degree in business.

    She parlayed that into a job being Pete Rose's girlfriend. I should have thought of that. 

Kiana Kim: Angel In The Sky

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    Okay, that heading is a little cheesy. But so is the cliche of being a super-hot flight attendant, which Kim was for Korean Airlines. I would never want to leave the plane. 

Kiana Kim: Stylist

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    Besides being a model and a girlfriend, Kim also owns and operates a hair salon in Los Angeles.

    I have no idea what that is. I get my hair cut with a Flowbee

Kiana Kim: Convention Centers

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    Being with Pete Rose must be a whirlwind romance that takes Kim from convention center to convention center.

    "What, honey? We get to spend next weekend hawking your signature in Topeka? Sign me up for a hells yeah."

Kiana Kim: Hot

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    I have no idea what this photo means or is intended to construe. But I have to tell you, I could care less right about now. 

Kiana Kim: Sexy

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    When you see girls this hot on the web, you doubt their existence. Then you take a quick walk across the UCLA campus and you realize they are real. 

    It is kind of like Washington Nationals fans. You know they must exist; I have just never met any. 

Kiana Kim: Bikini Specialist

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    Kim has many attributes I just don't. Most important is she can rock a bikini. I tend to look like an overweight 30-year-old male.

    It's not the look most people associate with the bikini and I should stop wearing it, at least to malls and church functions. 

Kiana Kim: Pete's Greatest Hit

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    Pete Rose has 4,256 hits during his career in baseball. But I have to say, the more I gawk at her, the more I think she is his greatest accomplishment. 

Kiana Kim: She Is a Fan

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    How can you not be when you are dating one of the greatest that ever lived? 

Kiana Kim: Sweet God Almighty

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    Not that she needed any help looking good, but Kim is killing it with the "too cool for school" look. 

Kiana Kim: Calendar

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    Here is what I presume to be the cover of her new calendar.

    I was thinking of making a calendar. I only have enough wardrobe changes to make it to September, though. 

Kiana Kim: Hubba Hubba

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    Are any of you still even reading these captions. If you are, your priority should be on the pictures.

    I am at a loss for words. That only happens at Sizzler and Hometown Buffet. 

Kiana Kim: Sleepy Time

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    Ah, yes. The always present sleepy time picture. A hot girl on a bed is supposed to remind me of late-night activities.

    Well, it won't work, Kim; it won't. I'll keep staring until it does, though. 

Kiana Kim: Cute Or Hot?

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    I thought Kiana was all hot until this photo. She may have some talents in the cute department as well: such range, such versatility. 

Kiana Kim: Nurse?

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    I am sorry but it must be said. Doesn't Kiana look more suited as the elderly Pete Rose's nurse?

    I mean a very hot nurse, but a nurse nonetheless. Excuse me for not being able to get past the four-decade barrier. 

Kiana Kim: Cute Couple

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    Here are the cutest couple in retirement. Pete Rose, that "darned contraption" she is using is a cell phone.

    They came to prominence in the late '90s. Just trying to help. 

Kiana Kim: Sweet Girlfriend

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    Speak into the other ear, darling, he is losing his hearing. 

Kiana Kim: Fan Favorite

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    Here is a fan picture taken of Pete Rose, sort of. It is clear what the predominating thing is in this picture.

    You have the MLB leader in hits and he barely makes it into the photo. I would have done the same. 

Kiana Kim: Lucky Girl

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    Kiana Kim is a lucky girl.

    Besides the carnal desire these two are sure to share in their off time, she gets to hear what the '60s were like. 

Kiana Kim: My New Fave

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    I do have to say. Kiana Kim may very well have shot up the list of my favorite WAGs of all time.

    I have a weird fetish for hot women, though; that's just me. 


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    It's official. I am in love with Kiana Kim. If you made it this far, I have to assume you are, too.