The 50 Hottest Reasons We Love World Football

Ross LipschultzAnalyst IDecember 8, 2010

The 50 Hottest Reasons We Love World Football

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    This picture should tell everyone how important world football, or soccer, depending on your homeland, is. 

    It's so loved, girls get passionate with complete strangers. Outside of a couple of Long Island Ice Teas, what else can do that?

    If you still are among the doubters of the sport's powers, then a lesson is just what you need. Many people think it's merely 90 minutes of complete boredom and a list of names they can't pronounce. 

    Those people are right, but only if they speak of the MLS.

    World football, however, is a different game. Not only are the women surrounding the sport more scorching than the 2022 World Cup locale, but the game itself has plenty of things to love on its own.

    What are those things, you ask? Care to find out?

    Well, that's just what we will do. But just so you are kept entertained, the women and the sport will go back and forth, so make sure to pay attention, or you might get lost in the curves.

    Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

50. Sthefany Brito

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    She met her soccer beau Alexander Pato (allegedly) on the Internet, which automatically makes her the favorite to star in the next batch of E-Harmony ads.

    It's ok, click away and go sign up for her.

49. Some of the Best Athletes on Earth

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    David Ramos/Getty Images

    Soccer players have some phenomenal athletic skill. Not only do they average more than seven miles per game, they also have to control the ball, run offensive and defensive strategies, and remember to flop with technique.

    Don't know how many people reading this have run that much in the past year, let alone in a 90-minute game.

48. Imogen Thomas

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    Sex tapes, celebrity reality show appearances, and Playboy pictorials make Thomas fit the standard definition of WAG.

    There are two more reasons why she's anything but standard, and they are pretty...ahem...forward.

47. Elena Santarelli

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    This gives a a whole new definition to a money ball.

    Give me 20 minutes with her, and we'll have a whole new dictionary.

46. UEFA Champions League

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    Clive Mason/Getty Images

    World football fans can argue over what league is the best, but it seems pretty clear. The Champions League didn't get its name by accident.

    If you want top-notch soccer, any game in this league will give it to you. 

45. Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen

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    Holiday-themed slide! Deck the halls with mistletoe folks, because this beauty is stuffing your stockings.

    There's innuendo in there, I'm sure.

44. Nicola McLean

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    Merry Christmas, y'all. If a sexy Santa can't unite men everywhere, football has no chance to pull it off.

    Maybe we should all wear swimwear in public to celebrate the holiday.

43. Hot Fans

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    Oh Brazil. Football matches are not only a celebratory time for your fans, but also an experimental time for your women.

    And no, these girls aren't experimenting with the sport.

42. Another Hot Fan

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41. Larissa Riquelme

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    Paraguay hadn't been relevant in years, and who knew all the country needed was a cell phone holder to do so?

    She may be the most dedicated fan ever. I didn't see Victoria Beckham planning to go Old School if the English won the World Cup.

40. Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

    A superb athlete, a ladies' man, and a stylish gentleman, Ronaldo is a man's man. He's the world's version of Derek Jeter, and should be an icon for boys playing soccer everywhere.

    Or, he's the most hated man in the soccer world. Your pick.

39. Nereida Gallardo

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    Yeah, Ronaldo's been here, done that.

    If she's hot and in Europe, it's a coin flip whether or not Ronaldo took his talents to her place.

38. Irina Shayk

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    Cristiano Ronaldo's current girlfriend is just another girl on the long list of the soccer star's conquests.

    And some people actually thought he was settling by picking her. Unbelievable. 

37. Sex Scandals

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    Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

    John Terry's scandal with ex-teammate Wayne Bridge's former partner was just another example of why world football tops the world in sexy flings that make tabloids gaga.

    Tony Parker apparently wants basketball to give it a run for its money, though.

36. Lisa Munday

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    Is there a point to that green...thing? It's what shirts are made out of in men's dreams.

    That, or bacon.

35. Ilary Blasi

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    While spelling is clearly not her forte, this girl knows where her bread is buttered.

    So should you.

34. Riots

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    Claudio Villa/Getty Images

    Yes, riots are clearly dangerous, and should no way be verbally encouraged.

    Instead, an image of a dude climbing a fence, shouting expletives, and setting a flag on fire before tossing it into the field of play will do the trick.

    Boo, effective spectator separation. Hooray, arson!

33. Amanda Harrington

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    Cowgirls always seemed to be more of a Texas thing, but Britain is apparently making it work.

    In fact, let's share it with the women of the world. Cowgirls are a beautiful thing.

32. Cheryl Cole

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    The photographer here must have known he struck gold with this picture, and husband Ashley Cole must agree.

    Well, until he cheated on her and got divorced. But he deserves thanks for bringing her to the sideline.

31. No Commercials

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    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Soccer is two halves of 45 minutes full of action, completely uninterrupted by Cialis and BMW ads.

    If you suggested that at a FOX or CBS meeting, they'd strangle you with your esophagus. Then put a Dole sticker on your face.

30. Sara Carbonero

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    A hottie who announces soccer and dates Iker Casillas? Could their be a better true soccer fan?

    Those eyes make me want to say "Yes" to everything.

29. Daniela Cicarelli

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    When describing women who have clearly been blessed, it's best to quote one of the last decade's best philosophers:


28. Celebrations

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Sure, Chad Ochocinco can do a Irish jig in the endzone. That's nothing compared to the festivities after a goal.

    Players run, dance, dive and get funky like they just won the lottery while their wife gave birth to their first kid.

    Must make foreign hospitals extremely loud.

27. Danielle Lloyd

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    If it weren't for football, Danielle Lloyd wouldn't have ever reached the television plateau of Celebrity Big Brother.

    If it weren't for football, we also wouldn't know that she is not particularly fond of Indian women.

    Take the good with the bad, fellas.

26. Anine Bing

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    Bing is not only smoking hot, but she also likes to flaunt it: She's been on more magazine covers than Tiger Woods.

    And somehow, she has 12 less sex scandals.

25. Nicknames

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    David Cannon/Getty Images

    America might have the Round Mound of Rebound, Chocolate Thunder and The Refrigerator, but soccer's got the advantage of using the majesty of cool-sounding foreign words.

    Pantera Negra (Samuel Eto'o), La Saeta Rubia (Alfredo di Stefano) and Ginger Ninja (Paul Scholes) are just the tip of the iceberg to some of world football's best nicknames.

    My personal favorite? The man in the picture, Marco Van Basten, a.k.a. The Swan of Utrecht. Just completely ridiculous.

24. Alessia Ventura

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    Ventura took her beautiful body onto television, working as everything from a newscaster to a model on the Italian equivalent of The Price is Right.

    And if your wondering, her price is infinite. She's never going for you.

23. Lauren Pope

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    Pope is not only a smoking WAG, but she also actually has a strong career as a DJ.

    Not that that's the kind of job any football fan cares about.

22. World Cup Bidding

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    Mike Flokis/Getty Images

    Inflatable soccer balls advertising the Outback are just one reason why the bidding for the World Cup is unbelievable. 

    It's a transparent and fair system that brings one of the most lucrative events in sports history to a different part of the globe every year. What's not to like?

    Okay, maybe the 2022 choice of Qatar wasn't the most pleasing decision. 

21. Alena Seredova

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    The former Penthouse and Playboy model certainly makes one of the most gorgeous women ever dressed in soccer-themed undies.

    And, as a soccer mom, minivan company owners are just salivating for her entrance.

20. Francesca Lodo

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    There is almost nothing wrong with this picture, other than the fact Lodo insists she's an actress.

    Yeah, not buying it. 

19. Tommy Smyth

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    Pair this guy in the booth with Gus Johnson, and world football would become America's favorite sport, easily.

    His ridiculous statements combined with his amazing accent make the 80-minute droughts seem like nothing.

    And if you get to watch his jowls in action, you've hit heaven.

18. Rosaria Cannavo

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    This accomplished ballerina aims to prove that dance can be just as athletic as the sport her boyfriend Christian Panucci plays.

    If that doesn't work, she needs to bring Surf to the international spotlight, because it could easily catch on before soccer does in America.

    What's Surf? It's where girls in short skirts and skimpy tops ride a moving surfboard, and get rated on how long they stand up.

    Yeah, sounds great.

17. Amaia Salamanca

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    Good work, Tampax! Choosing Salamanca for your spokesmodel position was a great idea.

    Sadly, they don't want guys to buy their product, but those are likely the only people who watched her commercials.

    On TiVo.

16. The Real Fans

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    Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

    U.S. fans scream play-to-play, waiting for action to either cheer or boo.

    International football fans hear someone brought the ball into the stadium, and the decibels resemble those of a jet engine. 

    Plus, how long do you think it took to make a six-person poncho?

15. Amii Grove

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    Grove can thank world football for her numerous modeling jobs she got after dating footballer Jermaine Pennant.

    She should also thank her mom for the non-white girl booty.

14. Federica Ridolfi

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    She should star in those "Verb: It's what you do" commercials.

    Can you think of a couple you'd do with Ridolfi around?

13. One-Name Players

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    Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

    World football has made it painfully clear: If you want to be an international footy superstar, make sure you are referred to by one name.

    The world's top players recently? Ronaldo, Kaka, Messi, Ronaldinho, etc. People hardly speak their first names. America's top players? Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey. Much too long.

    But that doesn't mean Cher needs to play forward for the U.S. any time soon.

12. Gemma Atkinson

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    Atkinson has been around the block with soccer stars, but she may be getting passed due to her love for abused chimpanzees.

    That's not innuendo.

11. Yesica Toscanini

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    Argentina doing good work as usual. Not only is Toscanini a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but she's also a tabloid magnet thanks to her extramarital relationship with Juan Roman Riquelme.

    When she looks this good, it's hard to call Riquelme a cheater. There's a strong urge to applaud.

10. Underdog Love

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    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Why did America, not exactly the most pro-soccer nation, go into a frenzy when the Yanks merely tied the Brits in the opening World Cup game earlier this year?

    Because the underdog story is the most adored idea in all sports, and soccer provides that opportunity all the time. 

9. Sapphira O’Shannon

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    Not much to say here, other than "WOW!"

    Eyes should be bugging out for the next 10 seconds.

8. Abigail Clancy

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7. The Shootout

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    One-on-one, best out of five wins. There's arguably no more stressful moment in sports.

    If you don't include Tiger Woods' post Hydrant-gate, that is.

6. Sylvie Van Der Vaart

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    The actress is the Dutch version of La La: Her wedding to soccer star Rafael van der Vaart was televised to the whole country.

    The Netherlands probably sent the couple a million thank-you notes. 

5. Luli Fernandez

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    Bravo, Argentina, bravo. Just tack on another WAG to the country's never-ending list.

4. The National Anthems

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    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    In American football, many fans reluctantly stand and think the playing of our anthem is just a way to delay until the game begins.

    In international football, people shout the lyrics as if their home country has to hear every word or they lose citizenship. 

    In fact, some of the people at the World Cup wanted vuvuzelas to be banned during the games just so fans could sing the anthem in peace. In America, the anthem might be played with solely vuvuzelas, instead.

3. Giorgia Palmas

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    The Italian Megan Fox frequents the soccer sidelines, and fans couldn't be happier to see the former Miss Italy.

    Why? Because it's the only place to see Palmas, unless they love Cotton Club underwear, who she is the spokesmodel for.

2. Keeley Hazell

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1. The World Cup

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    Daniel Sastre Huertas/Getty Images

    Seriously, could anything else top this list? It's the world's most watched event and brings together cultures for a month long of tension almost nothing else in sports can ever parallel.

    If the Super Bowl was a best-of-30, it might match the fervor of the World Cup. "Might" is the key word.

    Plus, if you win the Cup, you have a good chance with any of the women on the list. Isn't that the real prize?


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