Lights, Cameron, Action! Top 10 Plays of Cam Newton's Scintillating Season

Jonathan FrayneContributor IDecember 10, 2010

Lights, Cameron, Action! Top 10 Plays Of Cam Newton's Scintillating Season

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    Cam Newton has been simply unstoppable this season.

    The 6''6 250 pounds Auburn signal caller has produced some truly magical moments in a season where he has amassed 49 total touchdowns and 4,000 all purpose yards.

    He's decimated defenses through the air, dominated opponents on the ground and he's even had a touchdown reception. His spectacular play has led Auburn to an undefeated season and the BCS National Championship Game.

    It's been tough to pick out the 10 best plays from the Heisman favourite's season, but here goes...

10: 78 Yard Touchdown Pass to Terrell Zachary

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    Tied at 17 in the third quarter against Clemson, Newton fooled the Clemson defense to set up Terrell Zachary for a 78 yard touchdown.

    The 6''6 signal caller pump faked and then under pressure, threw one of his trademark deep balls right on the money to put Auburn up by a touchdown.

9: Game Winning Touchdown Vs Alabama

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    Big-time players produce big-time plays when it matters most.

    Down 24-0 at one point in the game, Cam Newton beat the odds by engineering a breathtaking comeback to stun the Crimson Tide.

    This critical third down play saw Newton sidestep a defender before floating the gamewinner to Philip Lutzenkirchen, completing the comeback and handing Auburn a 28-27 win over their SEC rivals.

8: SEC Championship Game Hail Mary Pass

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    There she goes...

    On the final play in the first half of the SEC Championship game, Auburn decided to take a shot at the end zone and had Cam Newton launch a bomb into the endzone.

    The hail mary pass was tipped before Darvin Adams came up with it, restoring Auburn's 14 point lead and effectively set them up for their dominating victory over South Carolina to seize the SEC Championship.

7: 71 Yard Touchdown Run Vs Arkansas State

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    (skip to 2:31 to see play)

    Cam Newton's longest run of the season came on this 72 yard scamper against Arkansas State.

    After a fake to Ontario McCalebb, Newton turned on the heat, acclerating away from Arkansas State's defense to go 72 yards untouched for the score.

6: Fourth Down Conversion in The Fourth Quarter Of The Iron Bowl

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    Auburn's gutsy call to go for it on fourth down paid off when Cam Newton threw a dart to Darvin Adams, giving the Tigers a fresh set of downs.

    There was nothing flashy about the eight yard pass but under the circumstances - down 27-21 to Alabama in the fourth quarter, this play deserves credit.

    It was the crucial play on a game winning drive engineered by Cam Newton, enabling Auburn to preserve their unbeaten record.

5: 15 Yard Scramble Vs Arkansas State

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    Nobody quite predicted that Cam Newton would lead the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season and the BCS National Championship Game and have the type of season he had, but he certainly showed he meant business in Auburn's season opener.

    Elusive isn't the word. Cam Newton has an uncanny ability like no other to escape defenders.

    He showed amazing athletic ability on this play avoiding countless Arkansas State defenders in the pocket and turning a seemingly inevitable sack into a 15 yard gain.

    This was only a sign of what was to come.

4: Pass Completion While Falling Out Of Bounds Vs Kentucky

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    Cam Newton had one of his best games of the season against Kentucky, producing some spectacular moments.

    But no play was more spectacular than his 33 yard completion to Kodi Burns.

    Flushed out of the pocket, Newton scrambled towards the sideline and just as it looked as if he would be forced out of bounds, he unleashed an amazing throw which was caught by Kodi Burns.

    To complete a pass from that angle with such an awkward body position not to mention whilst being forced out of bounds by a defender just shows how unstoppable the junior quarterback is.

3: 20 Yard Touchdown Catch Vs Ole Miss

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    Is there anything this man can't do?

    After giving defenses a torrid time on the ground and through the air, Cam Newton lined up out at wide receiver and added to his Heisman resume with a touchdown catch that any receiver would have been proud of.

    This play displayed the sheer athleticism of the 6-foot-6 target, as he beat the defender to snag the pass before getting his feet down in the endzone to cap off one of his most spectacular plays of the season.

2: 54 Yard Touchdown Run Vs South Carolina

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    At 6-foot-6 250-pounds Cam Newton shouldn't be able to produce plays like this.

    When it looked like he was going to be brought down for a modest gain, Newton planted his foot and juked to the right displaying freakish athletic ability for a man of his size.

    After keeping his balance, Auburn's number 2 sprinted away from defenders and produced a superman leap into the endzone for the score.

1: The Run

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    Cam Newton is expected to be announced as the Heisman Trophy winner after a dominant season.

    And every Heisman trophy winner needs a 'Heisman play.'

    A play which sets them apart from the rest of the competition. A play which shows outstanding ability. A play which separates the men from the boys.

    A man against boys has been a common theme for Cam Newton all season.

    In a season where he has simply dominated, no play quite highlights his dominance like this one.

    This isn't against an Arkansas State or a Chatanooga either - its against LSU and their tough SEC defense.

    This breathtaking play was 49 yards of sheer Cam Newton brilliance.

    Showing a potent blend of power and elusiveness, the Walter Camp award winner burst up the middle before juking right to avoid an LSU defender. It was all too much for LSU's SEC leading rush defense as Newton cut back to go by two more defenders.

    And it was as if Newton hadn't even reached his top gear as he turned it up at around the 15 yard line to accelerate away from the speedy shutdown corner Patrick Peterson.

    In one stunning moment, Cam Newton produced a truly memorable play in an equally memorable season.