Wrestling Heads South: WWE Shows Its True Intentions

Joel DanielsContributor IDecember 7, 2010

Before I even begin let me just state how much I hated writing this. It's no secret that I abhor John Cena and so, by design, talking about him pisses me off. However, with him getting more air time than even our WWE Champion (one of these men is actually ON the WWE roster) not talking about him is as hard as being nailed to a wall and trying desperately to dodge the train heading straight for you. He is like hair growing out of my eye. I can't ignore him and his presence hurts a b@#!h!

Moving on...

Monday Night Raw.WWE's flagship. The headliners club. The summit of greatness. The home of stars.


That is the show that John Cena was fired from. However, having grown tired of leaving the bread crumbs of random attacks, it now seems that WWE is finally ready to end this game of dodge ball.


To start, let me make it known that I have zero interest in starting a war and instead will let this article be all about stating the obvious as my cohort WWE has at last decided to do. Wade Barrett is the only man who can re-hire John Cena. Now we all knew that was never going to happen no matter how many random attacks Cena gave, however The Nexus has decided that its leader needs to do just that.In a nutshell, Wade needs to give John his job back, or he'll face exile from his own group.


Well, Survivor Series is now slated to having been a total waste of time. John Cena was fired and now barely three weeks of no absence whatsoever later, it looks like WWE wants him back in business. That's just sad.


Now with the reiteration over and done with, let me just pour in some brash opinion here by stating (in point form) a few reasons why this entire set up (aka, seemingly having Cena step legal foot into WWE once Wade rehires him) is simply just a downward spiral.


1. David Otunga. Yes. He has the ability to lead. However, no one gives a damn about David Otunga and quite frankly he himself aids that synopsis along. He's boring in the ring. He's boring on the mic. And he will forever be seen - despite what he does in life as a whole - as the man who is married to Jennifer Huston. Having him stir up trouble in the group that was bound fo greatness helps no one. And having him issue the re-hire Cena or exile stipulation to Wade Barrett just made me hate him more. Bottom line, in order for Nexus to survive John Cena needs to disappear entirely. Having David prevent that does not help that cause. And subsequently, it'll serve to further bury him in yet another Cena/Wade storyline.

2. John Cena returns. This speaks for itself. He would come back only to fall in line with yet another Nexus feud and of course come out the victor by taking "weeks and weeks of built up frustration out on his tormentors and the man who cost him everything" (I'm actually shocked at how on the mark that quote is.)

3. Randy Orton. He was buried during his whole title run, and now having John return would quell what little fire Randy has going. Right now he looks to retrieve his title and I personally saw Wade interfering to that end. Thus leading to a Orton/Barrett feud (the way it SHOULD have been) with Miz basically caught in the middle. Should Cena really get re-hired...well...no need to spell it out for you right.

4. Nexus disbands. This would be a huge step backwards for the WWE. Rigidity right now is NOT what this group needs. First this ludicrous stipulation for it's leader, and now the loss (thanks to none other than the hair in my eye, John Cena!) of the already badly tarnished WWE Tag Titles to the Italian/Russian duo in Santino and Vladimir. Basically, if John Cena is re-hired the Nexus faces the thought of standing in his shadow and eventually jobbing to him. On the flip side, if Cena stays fired he'll continue to attack Nexus facing no consequence and once again having the group live in his shadow. Either way ensures the death of all that power and dominance the young group tired so hard to gain.


In the end, WWE has shown it's true intentions. It wants John Cena back on the flagship show...no matter which up-comer gets stomped on in the process.