NCAA Rules Committee Might Not Hate America... Much

Daniel SpratlinContributor ISeptember 3, 2008

Everyone hates it when the NCAA starts muddling around in the clock rules at the behest of television executives wanting to cram yet more non-football into their three-and-a-half hour windows of commercials sometimes interrupted by men in pads, and it looks like the rules committee is treading dangerous territory with this year's changes.

There are two clock rule changes that went into effect:

  • Went to an NFL-style 40 second play-clock; the clock starts immediately after the last play's completion instead of when the referee signals ready for play.
  • Now treat an out-of-bounds play like a first down: the clock will stop until the referee signals ready for play, but then it will run.

What's the consensus among the Bleacher Report crowd on these changes?