Dear LeBron James: Not Just Another Angry Letter From a Cavaliers Fan

Jim PiascikCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2010

LeBron James Returns To Cleveland
LeBron James Returns To ClevelandGregory Shamus/Getty Images

Dear LeBron,

You had every right to leave Cleveland this summer, Cavaliers fans understand that. You had every right to utilize free agency to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, we understand that as well. Sure, it seems like a cop-out, subjecting yourself beneath Wade, but if you win enough championships, history will forgive you. As you understand, history always forgives winners. As long as you take care of business, in the big picture, The Decision will not taint your legacy. That does not mean that it didn’t hurt, though.

I’m not sure how you overlooked how Cavaliers fans would feel about you leaving. While we understand that you had every right to leave, we were definitely hoping that you would treat us with some respect. Finding out on national television that you were taking your talents away from us was painful.  It hurt finding out that late in the free agency period that you were leaving us high and dry for this season. We got emotional, and you definitely did not help us calm down.

After The Decision, all you did was add insult to injury by trying to drive a stake between Akron and Cleveland and asking “What should I do?” You seemed to do everything in your power to rub it in our faces that you had left, and that hurt. We are a tortured city, and you were the knight in shining armor. You promised a championship and then left without finishing the job. Sure, we overreacted in some ways, but there is more than enough fault to go around.

You’ve got to admit that your return to Cleveland could have been much worse. With the exception of one battery-throwing idiot and one “asshole” chant, we let you know how we felt without being truly disrespectful. Sure, it all had no effect, but there are many still in the anger stage of grieving; you’ve got to forgive them. In no uncertain terms, The Decision cut us deep. We just wish you realized that.

You asked what you should do, so LeBron, here it is: say that you’re sorry. Tell us that you sincerely wish that you could take back The Decision. Tell us that you’re heartbroken about leaving and that it still tugs at your heartstrings when you think about it. Tell us that you just could not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to play with your friends, but you are truly saddened that it could not happen here in Cleveland. We’ll still be upset, but at least we won’t feel betrayed and stabbed in the back.

Believe us when we say that we are grateful for the seven years we had together and, if you showed us that you really did feel bad about leaving, we would forgive you much quicker. We’ll definitely retire your number after you’re done and we’ll give you a nice, big homecoming ceremony in your hometown. Just say that you’re sorry and we will too. Please, let’s move on together.          


Jim Piascik