Tim Tebow: What Do the Denver Broncos Do With Him Now?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IDecember 7, 2010

Tim Tebow -- is it time for the Broncos to play the Chosen One?
Tim Tebow -- is it time for the Broncos to play the Chosen One?Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tim Tebow is buried right there in front of our eyes, third on the Denver Bronco depth chart at the quarterback position.

To the shock of absolutely no one, the Broncos fired Josh McDaniels on Monday.

So now what do they do with Tim Tebow?

The answer is simple—they need to PLAY Tim Tebow.

The Broncos need to put the hat on him and find out if the Chosen One can actually PLAY the quarterback position.

Really. Let's face it, things in Denver have been going bad for a long time, long before child prodigy McDaniels was hired. This franchise has been in a state of decline since John Elway retired. In the past 12 years, there's been one division title and one playoff win.

A city that is so passionate and supportive of its franchise deserves better.

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The Bronco fans also deserve to find out if Tebow is a bona fide NFL quarterback or at least has the ability to develop into one.

The departed McDaniels had declared Timmy "unready" to start.

When your team is 3-9, it seems like everyone is "unready" at least to win or salvage a season that is now at the bottom of the deepest dumpster in Denver.

The Broncos have been eliminated from the playoff tournament for the fifth straight year and that isn't the fault of McDaniels. There's been an odor drifting out of Bronco headquarters for a long time, as if someone left a pile of fish hidden in a closet somewhere.

So why not play Tebow? He leads the league in jersey sales, doesn't he? If that's not ready, what is?

You look at the Denver stats and see that Knowshon Moreno has scored a whopping four touchdowns. Tebow's got three, second-most of any Bronco who can run with the football.

Tebow's perfect in the passing game. He's hit 1-for-1 for three yards and a quarterback rating of 118.8.

"Unready" to start?

Geez, Kyle Orton went 9-of-28 in that stinker of a loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, the proverbial end of the line for McDaniels.

You'd think even the "unready" Chosen One could at least play that badly.

But there he sits, third on the depth chart behind the oblivious Orton and the old Golden Domer, Brady Quinn.

Tebow was the first-round pick of the Broncos and was supposed to be McDaniels' super-duper lab project.

Perhaps the fact that McDaniels had nothing to show for the choice of Tebow helped speed his departure. Not to mention the filming of the 49er practice.

So many games, so much has gone wrong for these Broncos.

But it hasn't been just this season. It's becoming a nasty habit, a troubling trend.

Four games left, two at home.

Bronco fans need a reason to show up.

So why not give 'em Tim Tebow?